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This article depicts a subject within the The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones film, and as such, it either does not play a role within or differs largely from the established continuity and canon of the books of The Shadowhunter Chronicles.

Are you sure you want to go through with this?

–Brother Jeremiah, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Brother Jeremiah is a formidable Shadowhunter and one of the Silent Brothers, dedicated to the study of runes.[1]


When Clary Fray, the daughter of Jocelyn Fairchild, arrived at the New York Institute, Hodge Starkweather considered the possibility that Clary knew where the Mortal Cup was hidden deep within her blocked memories. He reached out to the Silent Brothers and told them about their situation. The Brothers made their preparations, and Jace Wayland soon took Clary to the City of Bones.

Brother Jeremiah was the Silent Brother who greeted the pair, and he asked Clary if she was certain that she wanted to go through with the ordeal. When she confirmed, he opened the gates to the City of Bones and escorted them in. Once in the Hall, the other Brothers came in for the ritual, and Jeremiah guided Clary to the center, to stand on top of the Voyance rune on the ground and below the hanging Mortal Sword from the ceiling. He told her to "listen with [her] eye" and afterwards joined the other Brothers around Clary. When Clary fell and began writing on the ground, Jeremiah came forward to check on her and saw the writing as Jace uncovered it.[2]

Physical description

Brother Jeremiah has pale white skin littered with pale scars left behind by runes, among other powerful symbols.[1] His head is shaved, he has no eyes—only indentations where they should be—and his mouth is sewn shut.[2]


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