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This article depicts a subject within the The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones film universe, and as such, it either does not play a role within or differs largely from the established continuity and canon of the books of The Shadowhunter Chronicles.

Hey, guys, we have to go! Luke needs us.

–Alaric, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Alaric was third-in-command in the New York werewolf pack and a powerful warrior.[1] He was respectful of the organization of the pack and was among Luke's loyal werewolf friends and followers.


One evening, Alaric was managing the pack's front at the auto repair shop called Ed Garage When hordes of demons infiltrated the New York Institute, Luke contacted Alaric to tell her about Jocelyn being in the Institute. Since the pentagram gave off a beam of light that stretched to the sky and caused the clouds to stir, Alaric immediately saw it, unaware of what it meant. He gathered the rest of the werewolves, briefed them, and rallied them towards Luke. When one of the members pointed out that going to the Institute would break the Accords, Alaric told them that they would be staying human to avoid doing so.

With the groups of werewolves in tow, all in their trucks and motorcycles, they joined Luke at his shop, where Alaric was introduced to Clary, and, together, they all drove to the Institute.

The group snuck into the Institute. Shortly after, they were joined by Isabelle Lightwood and Simon Lewis. When they were told that there were demons, Alaric expressed his concern, telling Luke that they thought this was only a rescue mission and were unprepared for battle; this was immediately supported by the arrival of demons and the death of some of their comrades. He and the others began to partially transform into werewolves in an effort to fight the demons off.

When the group spread out, Alaric got stuck in a room with a small group, including Clary and Luke. Alaric seemed frightened by the demons and did not heed Luke's request for help in blocking the door, angering the latter. When Clary used a rune to momentarily freeze the demons, they were able to escape. However, Luke volunteered to stay behind with the werewolves to make sure the demons don't go after Clary and the others. When Luke got cornered by the demons, Alaric quickly came to Luke's aid but was taken by surprise by a demon that stabbed him in the chest with its claws from behind, killing him instantly. An anguished Luke killed the demons in anger.

Behind the scenes

  • This version of Alaric only appeared in the film The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. He is portrayed by Harry Van Gorkum.
  • Differences from the novel:
    • In the book City of Bones, it was Alaric that Clary threw a knife at during the scuffle at the Hotel Dumort. He was also the one that returned the knife to her later and complimented her for it. This role was instead given to Luke in the film.
    • In the book, Alaric died in the hands of Valentine Morgenstern, albeit unintentionally. In the film, Alaric was killed by a demon, though in both cases, it was to save Luke.


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