Fal was one of the Riders of Mannan who served the Unseelie King.



Fal was a powerful faerie apparently born to Mannan and had lived almost since the beginning of time. In the old days, he hunted giants and monsters with his siblings.[1]. Eventually, they became sworn to the King of the Unseelie Court and started serving him as his personal hunters and assassins. At one point, the Hunters were dispatched by the King to hunt down and kill his daughter, Auraline the First Heir, and her eventual offsprings.

Black Volume

In August 2012, they tracked down Rosemary, the last known descendant of the First Heir, in Los Angeles. Fal went to her home and attacked her. By the time Jem Carstairs and Tessa Gray arrived, he had already stabbed her. A fight began as the two tried to protect Rosemary; Fal effortlessly parried Jem's attacks and simply absorbed Tessa's magic. Fal then stabbed Rosemary once more, this time inflicting the mortal wound that killed her, and fled the scene.

A few days later, Fal appeared at a Downworlder bar in the Los Angeles Shadow Market when Tessa showed up in the form of Rosemary. From the entrance of the bar, he threw a dagger into the bartender's forehead, killing him instantly. Fal was intent on killing Rosemary and, unaware of the woman being in disguise, fatally injured Tessa.[2]

A month later, Fal and his siblings were sent after the Blackthorn family to retrieve the Black Volume of the Dead for the King. Fal, Delan, Ethna, and Airmed went after Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn in Cornwall and, in the battle that broke out, the Riders initially overpowered the two. Fal managed to corner Julian against the edge of the cliff nearby Malcolm's cottage. As he moved to strike, however, Emma charged him from behind and stabbed him in the back with Cortana, killing him, to his siblings' surprise and anguish.[1]


Fal was very arrogant and sadistically enjoyed fighting and killing his victims.

Physical description

Fal was very tall; he had bronze hair that resembled metallic thread woven into a thick braid that hung halfway down his back. He wore a bronze half mask as well as bronze cloak and armor etched all over with designs of waves and the sea. He also carried a longsword on his back that was visible over his shoulder.


  • Longevity: As a Rider of Mannan, Fal was very old and had been alive for thousands of years.
  • Enhanced strength and speed: Fal was able to move incredibly fast and deal heavy blows.
  • Deceit: As a Rider of Mannan, Fal was wild magic and could lie despite being a faerie.
  • Magic Absorption: When Tessa tried to kill him with a wave of magic, he simply absorbed it, completely unaffected.


  • Fal had the bronze armor, mask, gear, and weapons, including a longsword, that all the Riders possessed, as well as a steed that coalesced from the air when summoned.



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