The Fairchild manor is the home of the Fairchild family in Idris.


Jocelyn Fairchild was born and raised in this manor. When she married Valentine, he moved in with her and her parents, where they had their first child, Jonathan. After the Uprising, Valentine burned the house down with Jocelyn's parents in it, along with Michael Wayland and his son to fake both his and Jonathan's deaths.

The ruins of the manor have since been left in a charred state. Apparently, no one wanted to take the land, or build anything on it as they think the place is cursed, given the horror Valentine has unleashed there.

In 2007, Jonathan, under the guise of Sebastian Verlac, brought Clary to the house. Upon seeing the ruins, she was overwhelmed with grief.

While in Edom later that year, Clary was put under the influence of a dream demon and saw what the manor would have looked like if it hadn't been destroyed. In the dream, the house was set to hold her wedding to Jace Herondale.


According to Clary's hallucination, the manor had been standing for around four centuries before it's destruction. It was supposedly on a lawn beside a sloping hill, with a stone walkway leading to the front door—two large arched doors of bronze-colored wood, their surfaces wrought with delicate designs of wings, the symbol of the Fairchilds. The building was built with stones that were painted a mellow gold and covered in trellises of red, gold, and orange climbing roses. It also had iron balconies on the front.[1]

Notable residents


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