The Fairchild family is an old Shadowhunter family.


There are many members of the Fairchild family, and they have lived in an array of places over the generations. In the 1800s, they ran the London Institute, particularly by Granville and, later, his daughter, Charlotte, who went on to become the first female Consul.[1]

Sometime later, a generation of Fairchilds settled in the family manor in Idris, where Jocelyn Fairchild was born. While there, Jocelyn married Valentine Morgenstern and had a son, Jonathan.

After the Uprising, in which Jocelyn was involved with both sides, she left Idris and moved to New York City, where she and her daughter Clary lived for over a decade as mundanes, under the surname Fray—a portmanteau symbolizing the friendship between at least two generations of Fairchilds with the warlock Tessa Gray.

In 2007, Clary had a crucial role in the victories of both the Mortal War and the Dark War, against her father and brother, respectively. Around 2010, at a young age, Clary was voted as the new co-head of the New York Institute, alongside her then boyfriend and fellow hero of the wars, Jace Herondale.[2]


The Fairchilds are known for their red hair and bright green eyes, though it had been primarily brown in the past. Another trait that is almost universal when talking about Fairchilds, especially the women, is that they are almost all very short and petite, even in adulthood.[1][2]

Family tree

Roderick F.
Unnamed man
Granville F.
Callida F.
Charlotte F.
Henry B.
Charles F.
Matthew F.
Aloysius F.
Granville F.
Adele N.
Valentine M.
Jocelyn F.
Luke G.
Seelie Queen
Jonathan M.
Clary F.
Ash M.


CN Fairchild ring.jpg

The Fairchild family symbol is a pair of faerie wings, because the word "fair," from which the name is derived, is often used to refer to the Fair Folk. This is depicted on their silver family ring which has a pattern of faerie wings around the band.


  • It is likely that the red hair that is characteristic to Fairchilds in the modern day was originally passed to the Fairchild family by Henry Branwell, as before that time, the Fairchilds were known for their brown hair.


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