Every Exquisite Thing
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Lara Pulver

Release Date June 12, 2018 (e-book)
2019 (print edition)

Anna Lightwood

Ghosts of the Shadow Market: An Anthology of Tales
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Cast Long Shadows
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Learn About Loss

Every Exquisite Thing is the third short story in Ghosts of the Shadow Market: An Anthology of Tales, co-written by Cassandra Clare and Maureen Johnson.


Anna Lightwood, eldest child of Gabriel and Cecily, is mad, bad and dangerously dapper. Every rake has an origin story, though: now under Brother Zachariah's eye we see Anna's doomed love story unfold.[1]




Teaser #1

Anna came up and guided her, forcing herself to maintain her composure as she took Ariadne's hand in hers and guided the toss. She was surprisingly good at climbing, but once on the ceiling beam, she took a bad tumble. Anna jumped underneath and caught her neatly.

"Oh, very impressive!" Ariadne said, smiling.

Anna stood there for a moment, Ariadne in her arms, unsure of what to do. There was something in Ariadne's gaze, in the way she was looking at if mesmerized...

How did she ask? How did this happen with someone like Ariadne?

It was too much.

"A very good attempt," Anna said, gently setting Ariadne on her feet. " your footing."

"I think I've had enough of that for today," Ariadne said. "How does one have fun in London?"

"Well," Anna said. "There is the theater—"

"No." Ariadne took hold of one of the pillars and gently spun around it. "Fun. Surely, you know a place."

"Well," Anna said, "I know a place full of writers and poets. It is quite louche. It is in Soho and starts after midnight."

"Then I assume you will be taking me," Ariadne said, eyes sparkling. "I will wait for you by my window at midnight tonight."

Teaser #2

"Your brother’s eyes are quite extraordinary,” Ariadne noted.

Anna Lightwood heard this a good deal. Christopher’s eyes were lavender in color. “Yes,” Anna said. “He’s the good-looking one in the family.”

“I quite disagree!” Ariadne exclaimed, looking surprised. “Gentlemen must compliment you all the time on the shade of your eyes.”

She blushed and looked down, and Anna’s heart skipped a beat....


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  • A previous update on the Simon & Schuster & Kobo pages of the installment stated that it was to be narrated by the actress Kiernan Shipka, but it has since been removed.[2][3]