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SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for Chain of Iron follow. Caution is advised!

Eugenia Lightwood is Sophie and Gideon Lightwood's second child and daughter. She is the younger sister of Barbara and an elder sister to Thomas.


Eugenia was among those who doted on her youngest brother Thomas when he was young and sickly, which frustrated him.[1] Even when Thomas recovered past his sickly days, it was a while before the family outgrew the habit.

In 1901, Eugenia, her sister, and their mother followed Thomas to Devil Tavern, where he and his friends often hung out. If it had not been for Sophie's understanding and respect of the young boys' private time, the sisters would have followed him to their rented club room.[2]

In 1903, Eugenia began seeing Augustus Pounceby. He lead her to believe their relationship was serious and that they had an understanding. So she began going out with him more freely and without a chaperone, though their activities remained innocent. He later proposed to Catherine Townsend, who turned him down, which humiliated Eugenia.[3] She fled to Idris to hide her shame and get away from the Enclave's gossip.

She was still there when she heard the news that her sister Barbara had died of demon poison. She collapsed upon hearing it and her mother and father traveled via Portal to be with her while they grieved. She later returned with them to London when the quarantine had been lifted. She then attended an Enclave meeting in the London Institute with them to discuss the full of what had happened between the attacks that had killed Barbara and a few others, and the results of the demon having been vanquished and a cure found.[4]

After her incident with Augustus, Eugenia rejected the advances of every eligible gentleman who came up to her; refusing to put herself in that situation again.

Later that year, when her brother was arrested under suspicion of having killed Lilian Highsmith, she guarded the Sanctuary door to make sure no one stormed in as a mob had formed in the Institute's courtyard.

The following morning, she was among the Shadowhunters who fought of Leviathan as he tried to enter our world. During the battle she saved Augustus's life. Afterwards she cut him off as he began groveling and gave him a quick-witted response before returning to battle.[3]


Growing up, Eugenia was very affectionate and protective over Thomas, to the point where he found it smothering.[1]

She is considered stubborn and rebellious. Like Barbara, Eugenia wants to become a dutiful wife rather than a strong Shadowhunter.[5]

Physical Description

According to Cordelia Carstairs, Eugenia resembles a sharper version of her sister. She is small but angular and has dusty hair.[4]



  • An error in a "found" family tree states that Eugenia died in 1930, 7 years before the death of Will Herondale, which she was present for.