Etta was a singer in New York, performing in different clubs, in the 1950s.


Etta met Magnus Bane around 1938 at a club, where Magnus asked Etta to dance. According to her, by the end of the song, she had fallen for him. The two began seeing each other, their relationship fairly serious, and Etta had learned what he really was—a warlock—and knew of the Shadow World. It also became a tradition for the couple to dance in his room late at night when Magnus is unable to join her and dance with her at her club.

Eventually, however, particularly by 1953, Etta slowly realized that she might want a family. She began to mention Magnus' agelessness frequently during their late night talks, making Magnus realize and expect their separation since then. When asked if she would want immortality, Etta said no, and insisted that while she would want more time with him, she is unwilling to stop time for herself to do so.[1]

Eventually, Etta did leave him. She did, however, remain a very well-remembered and cherished loved one to Magnus; she was the last person Magnus truly loved for half a century before Alec Lightwood.[2][3]

By July 1977, Etta was already in a nursing home and, due to her age and deteriorating memory, could no longer remember Magnus when he visited.[4]



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