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Eric Hillchurch is one of Simon's best friends. He is their band's drummer and lets the others use his van on occasion or for band gigs. He is, or at least thinks he is, a poet. He is the cousin of Maureen Brown's friend, Vicki.[1]


Early life

Eric was Simon's next-door neighbor, and the two had known each other most of their lives. They weren't close the way Simon and Clary were, but they had formed a rock band together at the start of sophomore year, along with Eric's friends Matt and Kirk. They practiced together faithfully in Eric's parents' garage every week. They also change their band name just as often. Eric is friends with the owner of the Alto Bar, during which Saturday was its all-ages night, so they let Simon's band play pretty much any Saturday they wanted, despite the fact that they kept changing their name and couldn't be counted on to draw a crowd. Apparently, Eric used their band to get girls in their school. He also likes to play Dungeons & Dragons with his friends Matt, Kirk, and Simon.

Known history

In 2007, Eric has apparently told Simon that he has turned over a new leaf and now has a girlfriend, Sheila 'The Thong' Barbarino from their school, and they've been going out for about three months, which Clary finds horrifying, even though she had just suggested that Simon ask her out because she sees Eric as a 'sexist pig', particularly when he advised Simon to just "decide which girl in school had the most rockin' bod and ask her out".[2]

Eventually, Eric went back to dating several girls at the same time, and even invited his girlfriends to their band gigs. Despite this, according to Simon, he was at least apparently in love with every girl he starts dating.[3]

Simon left their band in 2009.[4] For his last recording, they made a tribute song, entitled Beati Bellicosi, dedicated to their late band member, Jordan Kyle.[5] By 2012, the band has become somewhat popular, having fans even as far as Los Angeles.[6]

Personality and traits

Clary thinks Eric is a "sexist pig" due to his attitude towards dating girls. He is also a military history buff and is usually the one who organizes the war details of their Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.[7] According to Simon, Eric is a big hugger.[8]