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SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

He was a sweet boy, kind as his father and fierce as his mother.

Catarina about Tobias's son, The Lost Herondale

Ephraim Loss was the son of Tobias Herondale and Eva Blackthorn. A Shadowhunter raised by Catarina Loss in the mundane world, he became the progenitor of a "lost line" of Herondales.


When his father "fled" during the 1828 battle at Bavaria and never returned, Tobias's wife, Eva, was punished in his stead, for what the Clave saw as the extreme crime of desertion. At the time, Eva was pregnant with their first son. Catarina Loss, a warlock and good family friend, helped the only way she could: using magic, she snuck into Eva's prison at the Gard and delivered her son early, while making it look like Eva was still pregnant afterwards, and Eva kept the secret to her death.

Catarina left Alicante with the child then. She sailed to the New World with him, where she raised him for twenty years, until he was grown, without ever telling him what he was.[1] When he was in his thirties, Catarina faked her death and returned to her old life.[2] Still she watched his life to make sure he was happy. He had a mundane love,[1] and eventually also had children.[3][4] He died of old age in his bed surrounded by loved ones at the age of 82.[2]


According to Catarina, he was a sweet boy, kind like Tobias and fierce like Eva, who lived his life performing small acts of grace.[1]