The Enkeli, also known as the Angelic Power rune, is one of the most powerful Marks given to the Nephilim by the Angel Raziel and is among the first ones they receive upon initiation, signifying their angelic bonds.[1] It is often used to imbue weapons with angelic properties, which nullifies a demon's healing ability, and wipe them clean of any demonic traces,[2] preventing the wounds inflicted on demons with Marked weapons from healing.


  • Enkeli means "angel" in Finnish.[3]


The Enkeli is a rune among Shadowhunters.


TMImovieCOBpromo Clary04

Clary's room filled with angelic runes drawn on paper.

A few years after Clary Fray's memory block was last performed by Magnus Bane, the effect on Clary began to wear off. Haunted by memories and visions of the Shadow World, Clary subconsciously drew the rune repeatedly, as if in a trance. Magnus later explained that he built the rune into her mind so that her mother, Jocelyn, would know when she needed to take Clary back to him for "treatment".

Clary later saw the rune on Jace Wayland's wrist. The rune was a predominant symbol among Shadowhunters, the rune present on many other surfaces such as on the Institute doors, on a sign at the Pandemonium Club, on the gate to the Institute's Portal, and even on Isabelle Lightwood's chest.



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