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Do you remember the Uprising, Lucian? That was a great and terrible day. Do you remember how we trained together for the battle?

–Pangborn to Luke, City of Bones

Emil Pangborn was one of the members of the Circle who, even after the Uprising, remained loyal to Valentine Morgenstern.


Emil and his younger brother, Anson, were members of the Circle and were extremely loyal to their leader, Valentine.

After the failed Uprising, both Pangborns fled, unwilling to cooperate with the Clave against Valentine. Pangborn had since been in hiding, along with Samuel Blackwell and other loyalists. At one point, Valentine, under the guise of Michael Wayland, had Pangborn and Blackwell help him stage his death as "Michael" in front of "Jonathan", to convince both the son he raised and everyone else that he was dead. Because of this, Jace never forgot their faces and, for years, remembered them as his father's killers.

In 2007, Pangborn and Blackwell resurface in New York with Valentine, doing most of his bidding. Under orders from Valentine, they paid a visit, or two, to a former member of the Circle Turned werewolf, Luke, and asked him about the whereabouts of the Mortal Cup and Jocelyn's daughter, as well as reminded him to stay out of Valentine's way. During the confrontation, they were seen by Jace and Clary themselves. Jace first mistook them for warlocks because they had been wearing official Accords robes meant for warlocks, ones they had apparently skinned off of dead ones, before he recognized them as the men who "killed" his father.

Days after their last visit, while hiding out at Renwick's with Blackwell and Valentine, Pangborn and Blackwell were both killed by Luke when he and Clary caught onto their plans.

Physical description

Emil was a thin man, with gray mustache, pointed beard and long-fingered hands. His teeth were white and very sharp, as if they were filed to cannibal points.


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