Elliott is a vampire in New York who is a part of the Manhattan clan.


In 2007, Elliott mistook the mundane-turned-rat Simon for his friend Zeke and took him to the Hotel Dumort. When the Shadowhunters arrived to take Simon back, Lily told him to hold onto the rat until the rescue party promised to take their deal. When Elliott tightened his grip around Simon, the latter bit him, much to his annoyance. Simon the rat was later snatched from his hand by Clary.[1]

Some time after, he went to Taki's Diner with Lily and Raphael. On the same night, the warlock Magnus Bane was on a date with the Shadowhunter Alec Lightwood. When he found out who Alec was from his friend and interim leader Raphael Santiago, Elliott teased the Shadowhunter, asking him what his parents would think of him dating a warlock. Annoyed, Magnus told him not to spread rumors about them, subtly threatening him with magic. Neither of them willing to stand down, Elliott and Magnus silently challenged each other through looks before they were interrupted by Raphael, who assured Magnus that they would tell no one, though he eventually told Ragnor Fell.[2]

In 2010, Elliott bit a mundane whom Mordecai fed faerie fruit, and his clan leader Lily Chen saw him and stopped him before he could kill the man. Because of the effect of the fruit on his mind, he performed the Dance of the Twenty-Eight Veils (possibly a variation of the Dance of the Seven Veils) in Times Square, embarrassing Lily. Alec Lightwood believed that Elliott drank the intoxicated mundane's blood on purpose—as it had been his seventeenth incident with faerie fruit—and told Lily to keep him away from the park.[3]

In 2012, he was left in charge of the New York Vampire Clan when Lily went with Alec to Buenos Aires to go to the Shadow Market. When Alec was there requesting for Lily's help, Bat Velasquez was already there and Elliott proposed that he, Bat and Maia should all be in a threesome or a relationship with one another. Bat rejects his offer claiming that his abuela wouldn't like him but that she loves Maia. It's made clear that Elliott likes threesomes, suggesting that he is most probably poly. The previous night, he had caused a disaster at the Hotel Dumort by breaking one of the walls. He was having an affair with two different Selkies who found out about each other when one of them found the other's sealskin in the wardrobe and a scene happened.[4]

Physical description

Elliott is a thin black boy with dreadlocks.


He is quite irresponsible and enjoys to have fun all the time without really thinking about anything else. Lily usually puts him in charge of the Hotel when she's gone mainly as a strategy because he is so chaotic that when she returns, all the vampires are eager to listen to her again.



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