Elliot is a werewolf and a member of the pack in New York, under Max Lincoln in the 1970s.


In July 1977, in the midst of mundane murders, several vampires under Camille Belcourt had become addicted to human drugs, which they had been ingesting via the blood from drugged mundanes on whom they had fed. Out of control, several mundanes have already been killed by the addicted vampires' lack of good judgment. Some of New York's Downworld populace was in a panic, not wanting the Shadowhunters to find out and become involved, as they feared the possible repercussions. As a result of this fear, the werewolf pack, led by Lincoln, tried to handle the situation themselves. Members patrolled the streets everyday to see if there were any new vampire attacks.

One evening, the only incident reported was discovered by the werewolf search party, which included Elliot. They found a dead mundane during their patrol. Knowing the Shadowhunters would be alerted and investigate if they received word of a "vampire killer" from mundane newspapers, the group slit the dead mundane's throat to hide the vampire bite marks on the victim's neck.


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