Adele Starkweather, born Elizabeth Moore, was a mundane child who was switched by faeries in place of the true Starkweather child, Adele Starkweather as revenge for the Starkweather raids on Downworlders.


Early life

Elizabeth Moore was a sickly young girl born into the Moore family. At one point, faeries replaced her with Adele Starkweather, an infant Shadowhunter, and put her in her place because of their resemblance, save their eyes.

For a long time, she was believed to be the real granddaughter of Aloysius Starkweather, whom she trusted and was very attached to. Adele's mother, however, had long realized that she was not her real daughter.


Adele's Marking ceremony, where she was to receive her first rune, took place when she was ten years old. The Silent Brother Cimon placed a Strength rune on her wrist to improve her constitution. This was when they discovered that she was not Nephilim and therefore could not bear Marks: her skin reacted to the Mark, appearing to burn and peel off, until she eventually died in agony.[1] Her death caused Adele's parents to move to Idris.[2]

Physical description

Tessa Gray, through a portrait of "Adele" on the wall of the York Institute, described her as pale and sickly.



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