Eliza Rosewain was a Shadowhunter who attended the Shadowhunter Academy in the 1980s, during the time of the formation of the Circle.


While an Academy student, Eliza was an activist who showed great interest in uniting the Shadowhunters with Downworlders and mundanes, as well as her disdain for Clave politics comparable to Valentine's. She believed that they should also be addressing the problems of the mundane world and distributed leaflets in their school quadrangle and gave lectures on some of these issues. Despite their seemingly and only initially similar goals, Eliza wanted nothing to do with Valentine and the Circle. Additionally, Eliza's beliefs earned her the disgust of both the faculty and her fellow students, unlike Valentine, who remained respected and adored by most.

As of 1984, she had gone on four dates with Michael Wayland, who always listened to her lectures.[2] Eventually, the couple married and had a child, whom they named Jonathan. Eliza apparently died before Michael, and it was her death that gave Valentine an excuse to hide himself away as Michael in the Wayland country estate.[3]



  • Michael eventually fell in love with and married Eliza.[4][1][5]
  • Eliza's unusual tolerance of Downworlders for a Shadowhunter of her time may have been due, in part, to her family's relationship with werewolves.[6]


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