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Elias was a young warlock hired by Valentine Morgenstern to summon the Demon of Fear, Agramon.


Elias was a young, sixteen-year-old warlock in 2007, when he was hired by Valentine to summon Agramon. They met at the penthouse in the Metropole Tower in Manhattan, New York.

Elias' greatest fear was to have a summoned demon escape his pentagram, which is meant to keep a demon within its confines. After he successfully summoned the Greater Demon Agramon, the demon projected this fear and broke free of the pentagram's hold. While Valentine knew that Agramon was capable of this, he did not tell the young warlock so he would perform the summoning. Taunted by Agramon, Elias initially tried to be brave and cast new containment spells, but was immediately killed by Agramon. His blood was later used by Valentine as part of the needed Downworlder specimen needed to perform the ceremony that turned the Mortal Sword into a demonic instrument.

Physical description

Elias was a young warlock with a pair of webbed hands and wings. His wings were the color of an oil slick—black threaded with a rainbow of colors—that protruded from his back. Elias had splits cut into his denim jacket, though this did not help much with his wings' uncomfortable compression. He was only around sixteen or eighteen years old.[1][2]


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