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Feeling guilty for something you haven't even done? I can't say why, Simon, but I feel like I've betrayed you in some terrible way I can't remember.
A parent should have unconditional love for her child. You know that's how I love you, Simon, don't you? Unconditionally?

–Elaine to Simon, Angels Twice Descending

Elaine Lewis is the mother of Simon and Rebecca Lewis.



At one point, her husband fell ill, and Elaine took it upon herself to take care of him.[1] Eventually, he died of a heart attack.[2] Since his death, Elaine had raised their children alone.

Eventually, Elaine began dating and even maintained and regularly monitored her JDate profile.[3]

Elaine worked for an environmental nonprofit, due to which most of her clothes had animal motifs on them.[1]


Weeks after Simon was Turned, Elaine began to grow suspicious of Simon's strange behavior. Thinking Simon was merely doing drugs, she searched his room and found the bags and bottles of blood Simon had been keeping in his closet.

When she finally confronted him about it, Simon told her the truth about being a vampire. While she initially did not believe him, thinking Simon was only hallucinating, Simon convinced her to feel for his pulse. Upon realizing that he did not have one, she finally believed him. Distressed, Elaine called him a monster and began praying. Simon had to "hypnotize" her with encanto, or fascination, to calm her down, making her believe that the whole confrontation had been a dream.[1]

Eventually, the encanto faded and Elaine remembered. Scared for and of her son, Elaine shunned him. She decorated their house with Jewish signs and symbols. When Simon tried to return home, she sent him away and refused to even see him. Elaine called him a murderer who killed Simon, not wanting to believe his son was truly a vampire. Upon the mention of Becky, Elaine told him to stay away from her. Simon then began living with his guardian Jordan at their own apartment.

When Rebecca called home about Thanksgiving, Elaine told her that they weren't going to have one and told her not to come home. When she did though, Elaine told her that Simon was dead and had been replaced by a monster, leading Rebecca to believe that Elaine had gone crazy. When Rebecca found out the truth from Simon, she took it better than Elaine.[4]

Start anew

After the Dark War of the Nephilim and the Endarkened, however, the Prince of Hell Asmodeus took her memories of Simon being a vampire and of his best friend, Clary, as a part of the process of making Simon mortal again. Her relationship with Simon had seemingly returned to normal, as both had no recollection of what transpired between them.[5]

Simon surprised his family with news that he would be attending a military academy on a scholarship. In reality, Simon was going to the Shadowhunter Academy to train to become a Shadowhunter.[6] During this process, Simon regained bits of his memories and recalled the emotions he associated with his mother's rejection of him. Subconsciously, even Elaine herself recalled the regret and guilt she felt.

Just before Simon Ascended, he returned to New York with Clary to visit his family. By the time he arrived, Rebecca had fallen asleep, and Elaine insisted on not waking her, expecting Simon to stay the night. Though still without her memories, Elaine was haunted by the feeling that she had betrayed Simon somehow. She apologized for this, albeit vaguely because even she did not know the reason why she felt the urge to. Simon intended to say goodbye to her somehow, thinking it might be the last they saw of each other as the Law prevented him from seeing them once he Ascended, but he couldn't bring himself to do so and simply left them a note before he left.[7]

Simon was able to find some loophole, however, and managed to maintain some contact with them. While Simon and Clary agreed to tell Rebecca bits about his life, Elaine remained clueless. She did, however, know about Simon's relationship with Isabelle Lightwood, though she believed her to be a "nice girl who worked in a tattoo parlor."[8]

Physical description

Elaine is a "tiny, birdlike woman," her black curling hair now streaked with gray that she refused to dye.