Is that a sea monster?

–García to Magnus, What Really Happened in Peru

Edmund García was a Peruvian merchant, and one of the richest, in Peru in the 1790s.


After the laws ensuring the upper hand of Peruvian merchants over the Europeans in the guano trade were passed in Peru, García's ship was the first one sent out, and so he feared that pirates might attempt to steal his cargo of guano, or bird droppings. To ensure their safety, he hired the warlock Magnus Bane, who brought along another warlock, Ragnor Fell, to safeguard his cargo from pirates. When the pirates did come, Magnus sped up the ship, leaving the pirate ship far behind and successfully protecting the cargo. However, when the pair fell into the hold containing the guano, Ragnor Fell had a tantrum and eventually sank the ship. For this, García blamed Magnus and did not pay him.

Physical description

García is said to have a florid complexion. When he met Magnus Bane, Edmund was wearing an expensive-looking cassock, knee breeches and a powdered wig, along with a pistol which he held on his leather belt.


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