Dolly is a vampire and a member of the New York vampire clan in the 1900s.


In 1929, Dolly visited Magnus Bane under orders from her new leader, Camille Belcourt, at his speakeasy, where she passed on a message, warning him and advising him to leave New York to avoid the impending "break" in the mundane economy. While Magnus ignored her advice, he followed-up on her warnings. After Magnus closed the Portal to the Void at Hotel Dumort, she accidentally revealed her vampire master to be female, though she continued to refuse to reveal her identity. Magnus curiously followed her and saw her joining his former flame, Camille.[1]

In July 1977, Dolly was among the many vampires who became addicted to feeding on cocaine-drugged human subjugates. When Magnus arrived at Camille and the clan's new hideaway, apartment 28C in the Eldorado, Dolly greeted him at the door and was mistakenly called "Daisy". She initially kept him at bay outside the apartment and even took his passes to the new club Electrica. When she got the affirmation from Camille to let Magnus in, she did and even guided Magnus to Camille's bedroom. Camille called for her again shortly afterwards to escort Magnus out. When the werewolves of the New York pack confined all the drugged vampires in Hotel Dumort's ballroom to sober them up, Dolly was among those who suffered greatly afterwards.[2]

Physical description

Dolly looked around sixteen years old. In the 1920s, she slightly resembled Louise Brooks with her bobbed shiny black hair and pale skin. A few decades later, she had grown out her hair, which formed heavy curls, and had bleached it blond. The years also made her appear older, not in terms of appearance but in the sense that she appeared "world-worn". Because she is a vampire, she possesses fangs that slip out involuntarily when she is drunk.


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