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Faerie, you haven't caused me any harm. We're fine.

–Divya to Kieran, Queen of Air and Darkness

Divya Joshi is a Shadowhunter and a graduate of the Scholomance.



Divya lived in Mumbai and was affiliated with the local Institute until she attended the Scholomance at some point and became a Centurion.

In 2012, Divya was sent to the Los Angeles Institute as part of a team of Centurions tasked with finding Malcolm Fade's body and the Black Volume of the Dead. Upon arriving, she was introduced to Julian Blackthorn, sent her way by Diana Wrayburn. During her time in Los Angeles, Divya went on patrols with the other Centurions and tried to make friendly conversation with the Blackthorns, in contrast to Zara Dearborn and her condescending attitude towards the Institute's inhabitants. She was one of the few people Diego truly trusted at the Scholomance, and one of three he'd named as good Centurions.[1]


Divya was aware of Diego sneaking Kieran into the Scholomance. She got nervous anytime she found out someone was going to the library, where Kieran often stayed. When the Centurions who were part of the Cohort arrived, Divya and Rayan overheard their conversation about doubting Diego's loyalty and went to his room to fetch and hide Kieran in her own room.

When the others eventually caught onto Kieran's presence anyway, they stormed into her room and took him, though they tried to fight. They took Kieran to the Hollow Place and Divya rushed to alert Diego. At the Hollow Place, Divya, Rayan, and Diego stood up to the Cohort and called her cousin Anush out for being part of Kieran's torture. When Samantha Larkspear fell into the pool and Kieran was blamed for it, she and Rayan tried to keep the Cohort from going after Diego and Kieran.

Later, she stole the key to the library, where Diego and Kieran were sequestered after getting caught, from Gladstone so she could tell the two about Emma and Julian being on a suicide mission in Faerie. When the Cohort arrived and Kieran's steed arrived to break them out, she refused his offer for escape, wanting to take a stand against the Cohort, and was cuffed by Anush and taken into custody.

She was imprisoned in the Gard with Diego and Rayan then presented at a Council meeting as traitors who enabled the escape of a "wanted Downworlder", Quietude runes placed on them to prevent them from defending themselves. The Inquisitor claimed in his statement that they were awaiting trial, waiting for the Mortal Sword to be reforged. Dru Blackthorn later broke them out of prison, and they sought refuge at Diana's weapons shop, restocking before joining the battle that had broken out at the Imperishable Fields.

On the field, Divya, under the Consul's orders, helped set up a Malachi Configuration to trap the Cohort members. She later stood in the barricade to keep the gigantic Emma and Julian away from the Cohort, and later away from the city. Divya attended one of the many meetings after the battle where Jia stepped down as Consul and Alec Lightwood was voted in as her successor. Divya had been incredibly pleased that her cousin Anush had ended up fighting on their side in the battle and made preparations to leave Idris following the Cohort's ultimatum.[2]


Divya is a quiet and friendly girl and, according to Diego Rosales, a good person. She has no problem with Downworlders and does not share the views of the Cohort.

Physical description

Divya is a pretty Indian girl with a gold stud in her nose.




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