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I am who I am because I've been part of your family. Never forget, Jules. The choices we make, make us.

–Diana about choices, and choosing to be their tutor, Lady Midnight

Diana Wrayburn is a Shadowhunter who used to run a weapons shop called Diana's Arrow in Alicante. After the Dark War, Diana volunteered to be stationed at Los Angeles to become the tutor of the Blackthorn children.


Early life

Diana was born David Laurence Wrayburn. She was assigned male at birth but never felt that manhood was hers and early on realized she was, in fact, a woman. She had an older sister, Aria, who accepted her for who she was. Even her parents, Aaron and Lissa, allowed her to be herself in their home but asked her to "be David" when in public.[2]

At one point, Diana had a mentor who shaped her personality.[3] When she turned eighteen, she and Aria took their travel year and went to Thailand to study at the Bangkok Institute. Diana became free to express herself in Thailand; she lived as Aria's sister, Diana—a name she got from their father's shop, Diana's Arrow, after the goddess of the hunt. There,[2] she met Catarina Loss, a warlock who also worked at mundane hospitals as a nurse.[3] Diana spent many years in Thailand and traveling Southeast Asia, either to fight demons or simply to travel, visiting Angkor Wat and other historical sites.[1]

She and Aria decided to investigate an island where it was rumored there were Thotsakan demons but were instead faced with dozens of revenants. They were gravely injured in the ensuing battle and were rescued by Catarina, and while Diana was nursed back to health, Aria passed away, and Diana broke down. Meanwhile, Catarina saw her body while she tended to her injuries, and reassured her, informed her that her situation had a term in the mundane world: transgender.

Catarina told her that she could transition but it would involve mundane medicine. She decided to live with Catarina in a small apartment in Bangkok, away from the Clave. When she informed her parents of Aria's death and her plans to live out her days as Diana, her parents remained supportive and told the Council that David was the one who died so she could return as their daughter, and she had been unable to stop them.

Diana stayed in Bangkok with Catarina for three years, where she transitioned alongside other transgender people. She had no plans to return to the Shadowhunter world again and kept putting off seeing her parents in fear of exposing their lies to the Clave. When her parents were killed in a demon attack, she mourned from afar, unable to return home for the funeral.[2] She became the last remaining Wrayburn.[3]

When she heard of the Mortal War, Diana decided to fight. She returned to Idris and told the Council that she was her parents' daughter, introduced herself as Diana and wasn't questioned in the midst of the chaos.[2] She also reopened her father's weapons shop on Flintlock Street in Alicante.[4]

Aside from Catarina, the High Warlock of Los Angeles Malcolm Fade became one of her primary sources for her hormone medication.[3][2]

Dark War

Diana participated actively during the Clave meetings in Idris. Diana was appalled at the thought of losing Shadowhunters who had become Endarkened. The following day, Clary Fairchild and Jace Herondale came to her shop in search of a new sword. Diana decided to give Clary Heosphoros, the Morgenstern blade no one has even considered buying ever since it was sold to them by Jocelyn.

During the battle, Diana tried to come to the aid of the Blackthorn children but was too late, having witnessed Julian Blackthorn's need to kill his own father. Both concerned for and impressed by their resilience, Diana offered to take Katerina's place as the children's tutor at the Los Angeles Institute, an offer which Consul Penhallow considered.[4]

Los Angeles

Eventually, Diana's request was approved. She moved to Los Angeles, where she got her own house in Santa Monica. She was acquainted with a warlock whom she frequently visited at Ojai.

Reminiscent of her own mentor, Diana wished to help Emma and the Blackthorns, in the same way, her mentor helped her. Despite her responsibility, she refused to become the head of the Los Angeles Institute, despite knowing that Arthur Blackthorn was not a capable leader.[3]

The Lottery

In August 2012, Emma and the Institute visitor Cristina Rosales found a corpse related to a series of murders around the city, covered in the same markings as the corpses of Emma's parents from five years prior. Though the pair kept their own little investigation a secret from Diana and Arthur, they called Diana and the Silent Brothers upon finding it. Diana worried about Emma's feelings, knowing how much the case meant to her and being one of the few people who believed her theory that her parents weren't killed by Sebastian. With the Silent Brothers prohibiting Emma and Cristina from interfering with their own study of the corpse, Diana promised to tell her if she learns anything.

While she gave a lesson at the Institute one morning, a faerie convoy arrived, bringing with them Mark Blackthorn, who was taken from the family during the last war. Diana stayed outside the Sanctuary during the meeting, eavesdropping into the discussion, but entered to help mediate when Arthur's status came at the risk of discovery. She kept the secret from the Clave and tried to help the children investigate, though she was unable to directly help and remained fairly absent, as she was away on secret trips.

Unbeknownst to the others, Diana was also conducting her own investigation. When she realized from the poem that it was about the Blackthorns, she approached Catarina Loss about the circumstances and soon discovered that the Guardian was their trusted warlock friend Malcolm Fade. She went to the convergence site—the base of Malcolm's necromantic activities—without telling the children to confront Malcolm herself but was met with the children anyway as they had caught onto Malcolm's secret, as well, and were there to rescue a captive Tavvy. She was briefly suspected by the children when she first arrived at the scene robed before Malcolm arrived. She tried to get the children to run, to no avail and was bound with magic when she tried to fight Malcolm.

Diana was eventually released from the spell. After the battle, and after Malcolm's death at Emma's hands, Diana was able to safely escape the cave with everyone. Diana offered to take the blame for them, for Julian's actions and their decision to keep the investigation from the Clave, but Julian refused, telling her that it was because she was a bad liar. As a measure to make it seem that she had little to no involvement, she immediately left after dropping off Cristina and Diego Rosales at the Institute.[3]

Appealing to Jia

A few weeks after Malcolm's death, a spike in sea demon activity was noted by the Clave. Jace and Clary came and informed her that a team of Centurions was coming to find the Black Volume of the Dead, which they suspected was responsible.

Diana continued her tutoring of the Blackthorns when the Centurions arrived and tried to help make them comfortable, though she chafed against Zara Dearborn and her arrogant attitude. When Gwyn ap Nudd arrived at the Institute to tell Mark of Kieran's impending execution, Diana greeted him and was surprised when he called her "lovely lady". When Gwyn became upset, Diana gently bade him leave and received a summons for him, in the form of an acorn, as a gift.

Diana later defended the Institute when Malcolm attacked it and phoned Catarina Loss immediately after the battle to open a Portal to the London Institute. When Gwyn brought Kieran and his rescuers to the Institute, Diana was overjoyed to see them and was stunned when Gwyn asked to court her. She then left for Idris to tell Jia Penhallow about the Seelie Queen's proposal and Zara's agenda.

While in Idris, Diana stayed at her weapons shop and went through files Jia had given her. Gwyn arrived shortly after and took her on a picnic in Brocelind Forest, where she discovered a blight, which she later reported to Jia and continued to try and convince her to take the Queen's deal, not only for the end of the Cold Peace but also for the return of Helen to her siblings and Jia's daughter, Aline.

Later, Gwyn came for her and rode to London to protect Ty, Livvy, and Kit from the Seven Riders. While binding Gwyn's wounds, he asked her why she couldn't take the Institute. Diana felt compelled to tell him the truth of her past. Gwyn's admiration for her did not change, and Gwyn asked to hold Diana, who was affected after having to tell her painful story.

Diana attended the Council meeting during which Annabel Blackthorn was to give testimony. She tried defending the Blackthorns against slander from the Cohort and later watched in horror as Annabel went mad and killed Robert Lightwood and Livvy Blackthorn.[2]

On the run

After the meeting, Zara's father and the leader of the Cohort, Horace Dearborn rose to power and became the Inquisitor. Diana questioned Dearborn at every possible turn, and after one particular meeting when her influence became clear, Dearborn called her in and threatened to expose her true identity to the Clave if she didn't show support for him. Diana refused, cut off Dearborn's arm, and went on the run with Gwyn, only showing herself to the Blackthorns in Los Angeles and the other few that she trusted.

Diana remained in contact with her friends at the Los Angeles Institute. When water from Lake Lyn was needed for the cure for the warlock illness and to stop the spread of the Shadowhunter blight, she rode with Gwyn and the rest of the Wild Hunt to Idris to retrieve large amounts of the water.

During the preparations before Livia's Watch interrupted the Cohort's Parley with Oban's forces, Emma and Julian told Diana that they found out about her past from her counterpart in Thule; the past Diana had hoped to finally tell them before Dearborn sent them to Faerie after the meeting. Julian apologized for pushing her to become the head of the Institute all those years ago, not realizing her secret.

Diana was among one of the first two groups to go to the Imperishable Fields for the confrontation. During the battle, she fought on horseback with Gwyn, on his steed whom she named Orion, and helped protect Kieran against Oban and his followers, later announcing the false king's death and Kieran's ascension. When the Blackthorn children moved to approach the gigantic Emma and Julian, who'd become true Nephilim and were slowly losing control, Diana and Gwyn held back those who tried to stop them and later approached them herself, trying to talk the pair down.

At the meeting a few days after the battle, Diana agreed that the Cohort should be allowed to vote for the next Consul, to prove that they did not make up the majority of the Clave. She was appalled when Zara demanded that they leave Idris to them but ultimately left with the others following the new Consul Alec Lightwood's decision, insisting that she would have returned to Los Angeles to continue teaching either way.

Shortly after their exile from Idris, Diana told Alec about her past and use of mundane medicine; Alec cleared her of any potential crime, attesting that she did not endanger their secrets when she did so. She then told the rest of the Los Angeles Institute residents. Diana attended Alec's surprise wedding to Magnus Bane at the beach near the Institute weeks later.[5]

Physical description

Diana has black hair, dark skin, and brown eyes with flecks of green in them. She is tall, spare, and elegant. She also has a tattoo of a silver koi fish running along her cheek. When Diana first came to the Los Angeles Institute as the children's tutor, Emma thought she was "the most beautiful woman [she'd] ever seen."



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  • Her favorite weapon is the throwing star.[1]
  • Diana has a love for teaching and hopes to one day teach at the Shadowhunter Academy.[2]