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Diana's Arrow is a weapons shop on Flintlock Street in Alicante.


The shop's name is inscribed in cursive letters on a metal sign in the shape of a quiver.[1] Displayed inside are a large variety of weapons.

Above the shop is a small apartment where Diana Wrayburn used to live before moving to Los Angeles. Inside the apartment is a small bedroom containing a trunk of clothes and a small bed. The bedroom has a latched window looking out over the street.[2]


SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

Owned by the Wrayburns, Diana Wrayburn inherited the shop from her father after his death.

In December 2007, Clary Fairchild and Jace Herondale came into the shop. Knowing Clary's family history, Diana offered to give her Heosphoros, the Morgenstern sword, for free, as she had been unable to sell it ever since Jocelyn sold it to her father years before.[1]

After the Dark War, Diana left for Los Angeles and entrusted the shop with someone else. In an effort to bond, Isabelle Lightwood and Simon Lewis—following Jace's advice—went to the shop too look for a weapon for Simon during their date, though they failed to choose one.[3]

In September 2012, Diana returned to Diana's Arrow during a visit to the Consul. She opened it up and cleaned a bit, and read through mission reports in her room above the shop, until Gwyn ap Nudd appeared to take her on a picnic. They returned to the shop after Gwyn was injured in a battle, and Diana cleaned his wounds using bandages her father left in the bathroom.[2]

When Horace Dearborn's Centurion prisoners, along with Jia Penhallow, was freed by Dru, the group took refuge in Diana's shop and helped themselves to the huge selection of weapons in preparation for the battle against the Cohort and their faerie allies.[4]