I look forward to crushing you all into a pulp and molding that pulp into ferocious warriors.

–Scarbury addressing the Academy students, Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy

Delaney Scarsbury is the training master of the Shadowhunter Academy in Idris.


After the Dark War called for the reopening of the Shadowhunter Academy to increase the depleted Shadowhunter ranks,[1] Scarsbury was recruited into the Academy as the training master. Scarsbury was one of the few remaining members after most of the staff left due to the sordid state of the Academy.[2]

In 2012, after Robert Lightwood's death, Scarsbury was part of the group who elected Horace Dearborn as the new Inquisitor. After the Cohort's parley, at the meeting to sentence the arrested members and elect a new Consul and Inquisitor, Scarsbury was against Alec Lightwood's nomination. He then suggested Lazlo Balogh to be the new Consul instead.[3] It is unknown for certain but can be guessed that he is a Cohort sympathizer.


Scarsbury is shown as both an intimidating and fierce presence, especially to his students. He is also evidently condescending towards the Academy's mundane recruits, presumably of mundanes altogether.

Physical description

Scarsbury is a huge man with enormous biceps. For some reason, Scarsbury wears an eye patch.



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