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A vampire is not interesting, but a Daylighter! You carry the power of the world's sun in your veins. Sunlight and eternal life, that is a power indeed.

Asmodeus, City of Heavenly Fire

Daylighters are a rare kind of vampire capable of walking in the sunlight.

As of 2007, Simon Lewis became the first Daylighter in a hundred years. While it is not known how Daylighters are made, in Simon's case, he became one after drinking the blood of the Nephilim Jace Herondale, who exceptionally has more angel blood than ordinary Shadowhunters.[1]

The rarity and power of Daylighters are impressive, to the point where even the Prince of Hell Asmodeus took interest in and took away Simon's immortality—for the power and energy of immortal life which he could utilize to fuel his realm—over that of (almost) 400-year-old powerful warlock, Magnus Bane.


Daylighters are able to:

  • expose themselves under the sun without burning;
  • bring the dead back to life with their own blood;[2]
  • heal grave wounds by pouring their own blood over the wound.[3]