David the Silent is the first Silent Brother and one of the three first Nephilim, along with his former parabatai Jonathan Shadowhunter, and Jonathan's sister Abigail Shadowhunter.


The only direct report of the events at Lake Lyn between Jonathan Shadowhunter and the Angel Raziel comes from translations of accounts supposedly written by David, who was traveling with Jonathan to the Crusades with the intent of serving as a medic. During a confrontation with demons, David and Jonathan's sister, Abigail, were overwhelmed. Nursing them back to health, Jonathan made them drink from the Mortal Cup and became Nephilim.

David was never much of a warrior and was instead a scholar and medic. Early in his time as a Shadowhunter, David was traumatized when he witnessed a ritual sacrifice performed by a Greater Demon in a cave in Idris. David then took a permanent vow of silence, inspiring him to deeply research the Gray Book. With his followers, David founded the Silent Brothers and the beginnings of the Silent City.[2]



  • While David is made out to be a significant figure in Shadowhunter history in the published Codex, no mention of him has been made in the series books; the mentions of a David in the series all referred to his biblical namesake.


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