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SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

Dane Larkspear was a Shadowhunter and the twin brother of Samantha Larkspear. He was a Centurion and a supporter of the Cohort.


Dane, along with his sister, attended the Scholomance and eventually became a Centurion. He became part of Zara Dearborn's inner circle and took part in backing up Zara's claims of victories, to improve her reputation, which could in turn further push the Cohort's movement.

Dane was among the Centurions sent to Los Angeles in 2012 to search for Malcolm Fade's body and the Black Volume of the Dead, which went missing at sea. They stayed at the Los Angeles Institute and clashed with the residents, particularly for their connection with Downworlders.

At the Council meeting for Annabel Blackthorn's testimony, Dane noticed Samantha getting into a quickly escalating argument with Mark, Helen, and Aline and was about to join to back his sister up, only to be stopped by Manuel Villalobos to prevent the Centurions from getting into a brawl so publicly. During Annabel's testimony, Dane was among those who questioned her reliability.[1]

After Horace Dearborn was elected Inquisitor, Dane and the rest of the Cohort rose to power. Dane was among the Centurions tasked with guarding Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn during their supposed arrest. He was also among those tasked by Dearborn to follow the pair to Faerie: to seal the alliance with Oban, take the Black Volume of the Dead from Emma and Julian once they'd retrieved it, and killing them afterwards.

Dane, however, snuck away with the time slippage medallion given to them by Dearborn, intending on getting the glory for retrieving the Black Volume on his own. He used a bridled kelpie named Jarog the Enraged for transport and followed the pair as soon as they arrived in Faerie. However, he wasn't entirely stealthy and Emma heard him tailing them. When he told the kelpie that he might ask Dearborn to "give" him Dru—Julian's thirteen-year-old sister—Emma came out of hiding and punched him. When confronted, Dane accidentally revealed to them Dearborn's plans for them, prompting Julian to kill him, stabbing him in the heart. The kelpie he'd bridled came to feast on his corpse.

His body was found by Manuel Villalobos soon after and returned to Idris. Even without knowing the true nature of his death, Dearborn showed his corpse to the members of the Clave at a meeting, telling them that he was killed by faeries while on a peacekeeping mission in Faerie. This meeting was also the first time his parents, Elena and Mr. Larkspear, heard of his death. They were both devastated at the sight of their son's butchered corpse; Elena, having broken down in hysterics, needed to be dragged out of the room by her husband.

At the staged parley between the Cohort and Oban's Unseelie Court, Julian revealed to Dearborn and everyone listening that he was the one who killed Dane.[2]

Physical description

Dane, like his sister, had a thin, whippety face, pale skin, and straight black hair.[1]