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The convergences, also known as sacred sites, are points where ley lines converge, forming a net-like matrix within which magical spells are amplified.[1] Here, dark magic can be done undetected. The convergences are places out of space and time, like a "between" place, and they give off a certain energy that fey folk can feel.[2]

Known sites

Seventh Sacred Site

Main article: Burren

The Seventh Sacred Site is an ancient stone tomb at the Burren in Ireland—specifically the portal tomb Poll na mBrón, which means "the cavern of sorrows". It is known to be a good place to summon or raise a demon—even big ones. In 2007, Sebastian Morgenstern used this site to summon Lilith.[1]

Los Angeles

Main article: Malcolm's convergence

There is a convergence of ley lines that used to be accessible through a cave by the ocean in or near Los Angeles, opened by Malcolm Fade. In 2012, he used this site in his attempts to resurrect Annabel Blackthorn through a sacrificial ritual. The Los Angeles entrance was closed upon his death.[2]


Alicante is said to be built on a convergence.[2]