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The Consul is the highest appointed official in the Clave.


Every Consul is voted into office by the Council, with the previous Consul often having a say in who their successor would be, recommending or disagreeing with a nomination. The term lasts for ten years, though they can be put out of office by a vote of no confidence.

The Consul's office is at the Gard.[1] The Consul and his/her family can live in the Gard,[2] in the provided residence in Idris,[3] or in the Consul's house also provided in different cities.[4]

The Consul wears ceremonial robes special to them,[3][1] possibly typical ceremonial red,[3] as Shadowhunter tradition dictates.[5]


The Consul is something like a prime minister—they wield little executive power but rather serve to preside over the Council, to officially tally its votes, and to help interpret the Law for the Clave. They also serve as an adviser to the Inquisitor, and is intended to be a consulting mentor for the heads of Institutes.[2]

Alongside the Inquisitor, the Consul oversees trials held by the Council.[6][1] The Consul may also appoint a Shadowhunter as head of an Institute —or may at least hold some influence or sway in the appointment.[6][3]

Their only real source of direct power is their authority to call the Council to session and to adjudicate disputes between Shadowhunters.[2]

Known Consuls