Claude Kellington is the werewolf in charge of entertainment at the Hell Ruelle and part of the Praetor Lupus.


By 1903, Kellington was working at the Hell Ruelle and placed in charge of the stage: often allowing attenders to perform or performing himself in a string quartet.

One night in August of that year, he was spotted trying to engage in a relationship of some sort with the club's owner, Hypatia Vex. Before he got the chance to seal the deal, Matthew Fairchild pulled him away claiming to have an act he and his parabatai could perform. Kellington, however set his sights on Cordelia Carstairs and prompted her to get on stage.

While introducing her to the crowd, he spotted Anna Lightwood cuddling up to Hypatia. He hastily made the announcement and attempted to make his way back to her when Cordelia stopped him, requesting he accompany her performance by playing the violin. Though annoyed, he obliged and by the end was mesmerized by her act.[1]



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