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Heroes aren't always the ones who win. They're the ones who lose, sometimes. But they keep fighting, they keep coming back. They don't give up. That's what makes them heroes.

–Clary to Emma, City of Heavenly Fire

Clarissa "Clary" Adele Fairchild, also known as Clary Fray, is the Shadowhunter daughter of Jocelyn Fray and the notorious Valentine Morgenstern. For years, Clary lived a mundane life with Jocelyn, until the return of her father and her brother, Jonathan, exposed her to a new world, throwing their lives out of balance as Clary found herself on a journey with her fellow Shadowhunters to stop them.

As a result of her father's experiments, Clary possesses more angel blood than other Shadowhunters and, through this, the ability to recall powerful, ancient runes not written in the Gray Book.


Early life

Clarissa Adele Morgenstern was born to Valentine and Jocelyn Morgenstern on August 23, 1991, over a year after her older brother, Jonathan. Jocelyn gave her the middle name "Adele" to honor her own mother.[3]

Jocelyn had turned against Valentine's ideals months before her conception. During the time after Jonathan's birth, Jocelyn suffered depression because of her strange feelings of rejection towards him. Hoping to help Jocelyn, Valentine secretly gave her doses of the angel Ithuriel's blood, hoping to "cure" her depression, unaware that she was pregnant with Clary, therefore making her an "accidental" experiment.

Eventually, Jocelyn and her best friend Lucian Graymark began to plot to thwart Valentine's planned Uprising. Jocelyn, upon finding out that she was pregnant with Clary, had wanted to leave Valentine but feared that he would come after them and knew that he had to die to guarantee their safety. When the Uprising came and Jocelyn was able to steal the Cup from Valentine, they ran, but without Clary's older brother as Valentine had made it look like the child died in a fire with him. Jocelyn wasn't confident about Valentine's death, however suspecting that he was only in hiding, and fled to Paris, and later New York City; ran from the Shadowhunter world and culture, away from her past, and raised Clary as a mundane.[4][5]

Jocelyn hoped that Clary would have a blind Inner Eye, meaning she'd need to be trained like some Shadowhunters to see the Shadow World. When she was around two years old, however, Jocelyn found her playing with a faerie in the park, and she promptly took her to the warlock, Magnus Bane.[4] There, she first also met Tessa Gray.[6] Jocelyn asked Magnus to remove her Inner Eye, but this would have put her at risk, so they compromised with a spell that placed a block on her mind that would make her forget what she saw of the Shadow World even as she saw it, but the spell was complicated and needed to be recast every two years.[4]

Jocelyn was also convinced by Magnus into letting Clary undergo the ritual performed on Shadowhunter children to protect them from demonic forces or influence. Tessa stood in for the Iron Sister, and for the needed Silent Brother, they were able to call on Brother Zachariah. Clary and Jocelyn then took the surname "Fray"—a portmanteau of Fairchild and Gray, chosen as gratitude for Tessa, to honor her relationship with her ancestors.[6]

When she was around five years old,[4][5] Jocelyn's best friend Luke eventually found them in New York, and Jocelyn allowed him to be a staple part of their lives. Clary grew up with Luke as a father figure to her, led to believe that her real father was a deceased soldier named Jonathan Clark, and that the box in her mother's room with the initials J.C. were his.[4]

Clary attended the mundane school St. Xavier's, close to their home in Park Slope, Brooklyn.[7] When Clary was six years old and in kindergarten,[7][8] she met Simon Lewis and the two grew to be inseparable. Almost every summer of her childhood, she, Jocelyn, Luke, and Simon went to Luke's farmhouse upstate. Simon slept over at their house, with Simon even sleeping on the same bed as Clary, often,[9] and though things were purely platonic for Clary, Simon fell in love with her. Though most people around them knew, Clary remained oblivious to his feelings for her and only saw him as a best friend.

Clary inherited her mother's artistic skills. At one point, she joined an art group and began taking classes at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.[4]

Jocelyn's capture

Clary was unknowingly supposed to have another session with Magnus in 2007, two years after the last. Magnus had gone to Tanzania, however, so Clary went without her block for at least three weeks, and thus her Sight began to return.

One evening, she dragged Simon to the Pandemonium Club, where she encountered a group of Shadowhunters and saw them kill a boy, who turned out to be an Eidolon demon. When Clary had Simon call security, no one else, not even Simon, saw the Shadowhunters, until they slipped out undetected.

With Jocelyn worried about Clary's Sight and potentially running into elements of the Shadow World, she informed Clary the following morning that they were going to spend the summer at Luke's farmhouse, infuriating Clary who had her own plans, including her ongoing Tisch classes. Clary left with Simon without hearing Jocelyn's reasons. They went to Eric's poetry reading at the Java Jones, where Clary once again saw and immediately confronted Jace Wayland, one of the Shadowhunters from the night before. Jace told her of Shadowhunters and Downworlders, but before they could continue Clary finally answered Jocelyn's call. Jocelyn told her not to come home and instead to stay at Simon's and to call Luke to tell him that a particular someone had found her.

Against her mother's wishes, Clary frantically rushed over to their brownstone, nervous about the panic in her mother's voice and the strange noises she heard while on the phone with Jocelyn, to find their home trashed and her mom gone. Clary was then attacked by a Ravener demon. With the Sensor she mistook for a phone and took from Jace, Clary killed it but was poisoned in the process. To protect her from demons lurking outside their house, Jace Marked her and brought her to the New York Institute to heal, as Jace, still uncertain about what Clary was, feared what the rune might do to Clary.

At the Institute, Clary was introduced to its inhabitants: the other Shadowhunters that were with Jace at the Pandemonium Club, Isabelle and Alec Lightwood, and their tutor, Hodge Starkweather. Clary was told that she and one of her parents were likely Shadowhunters like them. Hodge told her a bit about Shadowhunters and informed her that she might be sent to the Silent Brothers.

Clary called Luke, and after multiple failed attempts, Luke took the call and coldly turned her away. She then returned to their apartment to get her things or at least see what's left of her home, accompanied by Jace. While there, they were attacked by a Forsaken which Jace fought and killed. After the encounter, Clary then went to their downstairs neighbor Madame Dorothea to ask about the night of Jocelyn's disappearance. Dorothea, a self-proclaimed psychic, tried to 'read' Clary's mind but informed her that she likely had a block on her mind. Instead, she let Clary pick a card from her tarot deck, drawn by her mother. Clary picked out the Ace of Cups card.

Clary learned that Dorothea's apartment held a Portal, which her mother could have used to flee her kidnappers the night of her disappearance; she realized that Jocelyn didn't because she couldn't leave Clary behind. Clary hastily jumped into the Portal, hoping to know where Jocelyn intended to run to if she could have, and ended up outside Luke's house—which it took her to because it was the last place the Portal was used to go to as she wasn't thinking of any particular destination.

Jace convinced Clary to snoop around, and they found Simon lurking outside Luke's house as well. While inside, they saw Luke arrive and be interrogated by two men, which Jace later told her were the men who killed his father. Clary was stunned to hear Luke say, seemingly firmly, that he didn't care what happened to Clary and Jocelyn and wouldn't get involved with Valentine's plans for them.

When they returned to the Institute, Hodge told Clary that her mother had been a member of the Circle and was the wife of its leader, Valentine, who plotted against the Clave and was believed to have been dead for years. Hodge told her bits about her mother's past. It was decided that Clary would need to be assessed by the Silent Brothers to help her retrieve her blocked memories. At the Silent City, they learned Clary's memories of the Shadow World were being filtered and blocked from her mind. She saw the name of Magnus Bane, as a form of a signature on the spell on her mind left by the High Warlock of Brooklyn.

The Shadowhunters, along with Simon, proceeded to Magnus's home to ask him about the block on Clary's mind. Though he initially denied responsibility, Magnus was forced to acknowledge it because of his signature. He then told them the true nature of the spell and that it was upon the request of Jocelyn. He told her that he would be unable to remove the block but that its effects were already fading and would be gone completely soon enough, but that her memories may gradually or may not come back to her.

On her birthday, Jace gave Clary her first witchlight, and the pair shared their first kiss in the Institute's greenhouse. They were unable to pursue a relationship due to their other friendships, particularly with Simon recently admitting his feelings for her, as well as Jace's parabatai Alec's disapproval of them.

Eventually, they discovered that Valentine was after the Mortal Cup, which Jocelyn hid when she ran away from the Shadow World. When Clary discovered that she could hide physical objects in drawings, she realized that her mother may have done the same with the cup. Remembering the Ace of Cups card in the tarot deck Jocelyn made for Madame Dorothea, the group paid the charlatan a visit. Although they retrieved the Cup, Dorothea was possessed by Abbadon and battled the group, gravely injuring Alec, who was later saved by the warlock they met earlier, Magnus Bane.

To their surprise, Hodge, desperate to break his curse, betrayed them by summoning Valentine to the Institute and giving him the Cup and Jace. Luke defended Clary when he threatened to kill her.

Luke revealed himself to be a werewolf, and former Shadowhunter Lucian Graymark. He had been turning her away to protect her from the Circle members tailing him. Luke took leadership of the local lycanthrope pack to help look after Clary and search for her mother. With his pack, head over to Renwick's to rescue Jace and Jocelyn. During the confrontation, Valentine revealed that Jace was in fact his and Jocelyn's first child, Jonathan. Jace confirmed this as it was actually Valentine that raised him and made him believe that they were the Waylands. In the confusion, Valentine escaped through the ruin's Portal, taking the Cup with him. Clary managed to convince Jace, who wanted to go after Valentine, to turn his back on their father.

Fortunately, they were able to keep Jocelyn, albeit in her comatose state. Jocelyn was confined to Beth Israel Hospital, where Catarina Loss worked. Clary and Luke visited her every day.[4]

Gift with Marks

Now led to believe that they were siblings, Clary and Jace distanced themselves from one another. Clary began seeing Simon, who finally managed to tell her how he felt. However, Clary and Jace evidently still harbored feelings for each other, despite the recent revelation.

Luke called Clary when Jace, who'd been kicked out of the Institute by Maryse Lightwood, picked a fight with the werewolves at the Hunter's Moon. The three of them went to the Institute and confronted Maryse, who said that she sent him away to spare him from the wrath of the Inquisitor Imogen Herondale who was on her way to the Institute and was coming for Jace. The Inquisitor then had Jace imprisoned at the Silent City for insubordination. When the Institute received a distress call from the Silent City some time after, Clary, Isabelle, and Alec responded and found a massacre—many of the Silent Brothers were killed and the Mortal Sword was taken by Valentine, but Jace was spared. The Inquisitor allowed Jace to stay with Magnus for his recovery.

Clary, Jace, Isabelle, and Simon were invited to the Seelie Court by the Queen where the woman played a trick on them. Clary unknowingly ate faerie food, rendering her trapped in the court unless released by the queen. The Queen demanded that Clary have the kiss she most desired: with Jace. Though she didn't want to hurt Simon, she had no choice but to kiss Jace, which turned passionate very quickly. After getting out, Simon stormed off.

Shortly after, Raphael appeared to them outside the Institute with an almost dead Simon, informing them that Simon would rise from the dead as a vampire unless they decided to interfere and killed him. Clary refused to let Jace kill Simon, and so they buried his dead body and allowed Simon to be reborn as a vampire.

After Simon's transformation, Clary came to the hospital, where Jocelyn was, in a search of comfort. There she met Luke, whilst telling her unconscious mom all that had happened. He dropped her home and drove away, and there was Simon waiting for her, sitting on the porch. Later, Luke, injured by a demon attack, came back with Maia Roberts. Simon and Clary called Jace, and eventually, he came by with Alec and Mangus to help and heal the werewolf girl. Magnus stayed the night to heal Luke and Maia, and Jace did not have any other choice as he had to be where Magnus was.

Simon and Maia were kidnapped by Valentine for a ritual, as he needed the blood of a werewolf and a vampire. Alec and Isabelle stayed to warn the Clave, and Clary and Jace went on a rescuing mission with Luke and Magnus. At the river, Clary drew the Fearless rune on Jace. While making their way to Valentine's boat with Luke and Magnus, she was taken by a Demon on the boat. Clary inscribed an Open rune (the one she used on Jace's cell) on the boat which made it fall apart. At the end, as they made their escape it was already sunrise, and they learned that Simon was then able to walk in the sunlight (because of the angel blood in Jace's blood).[10]

Mortal War

Madeleine Bellefleur showed up to Clary and told her that her mother can be woken up from her "coma" by a warlock named Ragnor Fell, who lived in Idris. Apparently, the coma was self-induced by a potion from the Book of the White. Clary planned to leave with the members of the New York Institute. Jace called Simon, who was now a Daylighter, to lie and say that Clary cannot come. During their chat, they were attacked by Forsaken and forced to go into the Portal without Clary, but with Simon.

Clary later arrived at the institute and was told by Magnus Bane what happened (leaving out Simon) and that she could no longer go to Idris. Upset, Clary walked off to the side of the institute, where a rune to make a portal popped up in her head. She drew it on the wall and went to Idris, taking Luke with her. They ended up in Lake Lyn, where Clary got sick, as the lake, ever since the angel Raziel was raised in it, was poisonous to Nephilim. Luke then took her to his sister's house, Amatis, where Clary was cured.

When she woke up, she found out that Luke left, because Downworlders aren't allowed in Idris without special permission. Clary then went, disobeying Amatis, to the Penhallow's house, where the Lightwoods were staying. When she knocked on the door, Isabelle opened it and was very surprised. Clary came in, demanding to see Jace, and saw Alec, Max Lightwood, and Sebastian Verlac. They were all equally surprised and tell Clary that Jace was upstairs. Clary walked in and found Jace kissing Aline Penhallow. Jace then screamed at Clary, telling her that she is reckless and never think about her actions.

Clary ran out and Sebastian followed. He walked her to Amatis' house. She told him she was looking for Ragnor Fell and Sebastian said he would help her out. The next day, Clary was woken up by rocks being thrown at her window by Sebastian. She then went with him, on a horse, to Ragnor Fell's house. When they arrived, Clary found Magnus Bane at the house, who froze Sebastian. He told her that Ragnor was dead and that he didn't trust Sebastian. He also said that the Book of White was hidden in the Wayland manor. Magnus then unfroze Sebastian and pretended to be upset and told them nothing.

They left and Sebastian took Clary to the Fairchild manor ruins, where her family had lived. Sebastian then kissed Clary, who decided that it felt wrong and broke away. Sebastian got mad at her all of a sudden, before calming down and telling her that he was sorry. He then revealed that Simon is in prison in the Gard. Sebastian then took Clary back to Amatis' house, where she found Jace. Upset, Clary started throwing plates at him. He calmed her down, and then they used a portal to get to the Wayland manor, to find the Book of White, which Jace, having lived there for ten years, knew just where to find it.

Jocelyn had hidden it in 'Simple Recipes for Housewives', a book she knew that her husband would never open. They discovered the remains of an experiment Valentine had been running on a half-dead angel, called Ithuriel. They then learned through the angel that Jace had demon blood. Jace, after the angel showed them the visions, pulled out a dagger and handed it to the angel. The angel killed himself. The two barely made it out of the house alive when it began to explode and while lying on the ground they shared a brief moment of passionate romance. Clary stopped the two of them when things began to go too far, accusing Jace of using her so he could hate himself when he said he blamed his demon blood for his incestuous feelings for her. The two returned to Alicante and found it in flames. Clary gave the spellbook to Magnus so he could wake up her mother.

Jace, Clary, and Alec left to break Simon out of jail where Simon was kept and broke both him and Samuel, Simon's roommate, out, only to discover that Samuel was actually Hodge Starkweather. He informed them that the mirror, the last of the Mortal Instruments, was actually the Lake Lyn. Hodge was then killed by Sebastian, who claimed that he did it to keep them out of danger. This caused the four to realize that Sebastian was a spy for Valentine, who fled after a difficult battle with them. They returned to the Hall, only to discover that Sebastian had killed Max. After Max's funeral, Jace sneaked into Clary's bedroom and told her he loved her and always will. The two then fell asleep holding hands. The following morning, Jace left a note behind and sneaked off to find Sebastian.[11]

Clary managed to convince the Clave to fight with the Downworlders and taught them a binding rune that the dying angel showed her. It was during this time that she discovered after talking with her mother, who had finally awakened from her coma by Magnus through the spell book, that she had received angel’s blood while in the womb and that Jace was actually the son of Stephen Herondale, son of the last Inquisitor, and had also received angel's blood during his own experiment while he was in his mother's womb. That meant that Jace and Clary were not siblings, and further revealed that Sebastian was actually Clary's brother.

Clary then marked Simon with the Mark of Cain, a powerful protection spell, with the intent of saving him from Raphael, who said that vampires will only fight with Shadowhunters against Valentine if they gave him Simon. The exchange caused the vampires to fight with the Clave. Clary Portaled to Lake Lyn to stop Valentine from summoning Raziel, but he used runes to paralyze her body and voice. He then revealed to her his intent of using her as a sacrifice. When Jace arrived to rescue her Valentine used Jace's blood for the sacrifice by stabbing him in the chest, and successfully summoned Raziel. However, Clary managed to put her own mark on the pentagram, which made her the one summoning the angel. Raziel was able to bring Valentine to justice and killed him. When Raziel offered to grant Clary one wish, Clary asked for Jace. Once he was brought back, the town celebrated their victory over Valentine's army. During the celebration, The Seelie Queen asked Clary for a favor but she turned the Queen down stating she had everything she wanted.[5]

Sebastian's return

Jace had been having dreams in which he murdered Clary by stabbing her or choking her which had led to stress between the two of them, leading Jace to avoid her. This, of course, led Clary to worry what was going on between them. Clary and her mother also discovered that someone was trying to make more children like Jonathan, which again Jocelyn had trouble coming to terms with.

Clary then went to the Church of Talto only to find herself fighting a Hydra demon and was later helped out by Isabelle. Jace and Clary had an intimate moment in one of the spare rooms in the Institute. At the moment of taking a further step in their relationship, Jace injured Clary with a knife. Disturbed by his recent nightmares, Jace broke down and admitted that he'd been having nightmares and that was the reason why he was avoiding Clary. Clary then offered to take him to the Silent City to get help from the Silent Brothers. There, the Silent Brothers said that the nightmares Jace was having was due to his vulnerability to demonic influence, which occurred after Jace was resurrected by the Angel Raziel. All Shadowhunters are subject to a ritual to protect them as infants. As Jace died, it was like he had been reborn without the protection. The Brothers wanted to perform the ritual again to give him the protection performed. Clary wanted to stay with Jace, but the Silent Brothers said that she would be a distraction. Jace told Clary that he would get better for her and Clary promised to see him very soon. Clary and Jace said their goodbyes and Clary left for the night.

Jocelyn and Luke, now engaged, attended an engagement party organized by Luke's werewolf pack, in which Simon disappeared. Clary also disappeared after being secretly kidnapped by Jace, who was under Lilith's influence, and what no one else knew about yet. He had lied to Clary about leaving the Silent Brothers early. Jace told her about a rune that binds them to one another forever. Clary accepted and handed him her stele. He began to draw a rune, but Clary realized too late that this was not the rune he told her about as she began to lose consciousness with Jace catching her and carrying her away. Jace brought Clary to Lilith and Lilith ordered him to kill her if Simon did not resurrect Sebastian.

Clary tricked Jace by saying she did not wish to watch and he embraced her. She then grabbed Jace's knife and cut the rune that Lilith was using to possess him on his chest, causing Jace to be freed from Lilith's control. Jace told Clary to run away, and believed that she did, but then Lilith revealed that Clary stayed and started torturing her with a whip. The third time that she went to hit Clary, Simon killed Lilith by throwing himself between Lilith and Clary (Mark of Cain). Clary was severely injured. Later, Alec gave his stele to Jace to help heal Clary's wounds.

Left alone up on the roof, while the Clave took note of what had happened, Jace and Clary shared an intimate moment. Jace was ashamed of his actions despite literally having no control over himself. Clary told him that she loved him no matter what happened and the two shared a kiss. She then went down to the lobby to meet her mother, Luke, Simon, Maia, Alec, Magnus, and Isabelle, promising to come back in five minutes. However, due to the bond that Jace and Sebastian shared, Jace was forced to resurrect Sebastian and go off with him, leaving Clary devastated at Jace's disappearance.[12]

Spying on Sebastian

Following Sebastian's resurrection and his disappearance with Jace, the Clave used the Mortal Sword to drag any kind of information they could from Clary. Two weeks after, the Clave de-prioritized the search for the two, and she was cleared from any wrongdoing. Desperate, Clary, Alec, Isabelle, and Simon went to the Seelie Queen for help. For information about Jace, the Seelie Queen requested two faerie rings kept in the New York Institute.

Clary secretly decided to steal the rings without telling the others, aside from Simon. While searching for the rings in the library, she caught a glimpse of Jace and Sebastian briefly appearing in the library and noticed that they were friendly with each other, which she later relayed to the others.

That night Clary woke to find Jace lying in bed with her, asking her to come with him. Shortly after this, Sebastian entered the room - which was discovered by Jocelyn, who screamed and alerted Luke. Just before the two left, Sebastian managed to stab Luke with a silver dagger, but they promised to return for Clary. Clary and her mother, Jocelyn, decided to stay over at Magnus' apartment and soon, Alec, Simon and Isabelle were staying at the apartment too.

She eventually decided to join the two men as a spy while using the Faerie rings to communicate with Simon. During the time spend in Sebastian's hideaway Clary realized that Jace has been possessed by Sebastian, as he acts more like Sebastian than himself. While boys were away, Clary had an opportunity to search Sebastian's room, where she discovered her lost faerie ring. She managed to alert Simon of most of Sebastian's plan and told him to come to the Seventh Sacred Site, but was caught midway through by Sebastian and was forced to destroy the Faerie ring. The two then fought and Sebastian unsuccessfully tried to rape Clary, who managed to escape. She ended up going to the Seventh Site, where Simon gave Clary Raziel's sword, which she used to hunt Sebastian. Unable to reach Sebastian, Clary used the Angel blade to stab Jace, believing that it wouldn't kill him as his heart was more good than evil. Jace was set alight, leading the others to believe that he was dead. However, his heart was still beating and he was taken into the Institute to be cured by Brother Zachariah.

When she was finally allowed to visit Jace, she learned that stabbing him with Glorious had filled him with "sacred fire", which would burn anything he touched whenever Jace got an adrenaline rush.[9]

The Dark War

During the weeks following the battle against Sebastian, the group saw that the Clave was trying to ignore the threat that Sebastian and his Endarkened army posed.

While Christmas shopping with Simon, during which she told him to make his relationship with Isabelle official, Jocelyn and Luke came to pick her up for an emergency meeting at the Institute. There, they were told that Sebastian attacked several Institutes, turning its residents into Endarkened, and all Shadowhunters were being asked to evacuate to Idris.

Once in Idris, they stayed at Amatis's house. While looking through Amatis' clothes, she found a white mourning jacket which Jocelyn encouraged her to wear to the Clave meeting the next morning, as a show of solidarity to all of the Nephilim whose family members were killed or Turned in the Institute attacks.

She awoke in the middle of the night and got up for a glass of water, only to stop in the hallway when she heard Jocelyn and Luke's whispered voices. She eavesdropped as Jocelyn explained to Luke that she found something in the cupboard, something she hadn't seen since Valentine stole all of their belongings. Jocelyn admitted she assumed it had been blown up in the explosion in Valentine's old apartment, and after Clary listened a little longer, she eventually realized that Jocelyn was talking about the box with photos of Sebastian, which she took out and cried over every year on his birthday.

Clary met up with Jace before the meeting. She informed Jace about what she overheard, and Jace replied that he thought Sebastian left the box as a message to the Clave and to Jocelyn and Clary that even the wards couldn't keep him out.

At the Clave meeting, two very young Shadowhunters, Julian Blackthorn and Emma Carstairs, were harshly interrogated regarding the attack on Los Angeles Institute. When Emma ran off, Clary felt bad for her and approached her to try and give her some comfort and advice. Emma quickly warmed up to her. When Jace arrived to tell them that the meeting was over, Emma gushed over Jace. Before they parted ways, she promised Emma that she could come talk to her or Jace anytime she needed and told her where they were staying.

In Alicante, Jace and Clary took a nighttime walk around the city. The two ultimately ended up in an alley, where, despite Jace's hesitation, Clary kissed him. Their kissing escalated so quickly that Jace lost control over the heavenly fire, which caused him to burn his hand prints into the brick wall he was leaning against. He became so panicked and fearful that he hurt Clary that he quickly pulled away.

The next day, Jace and Clary went to Diana Wrayburn's shop to look for a new sword for Clary. Diana offered a shortsword to Clary for free, which was eventually revealed to be Heosphoros, one of the two Morgenstern swords made by Wayland the Smith. She insisted that Clary should not let the sword have power over her because of its previous owner, and told her to use it to kill her brother and take back the honor of her family's name.

Just when Clary blessed Heosphoros in the Accords Hall fountain, the demon towers lit up to signal a battle was coming, and Jace with Clary raced to the Gard. There they found Robert Lightwood and Jia Penhallow sending Shadowhunters, some inexperienced and ill-equipped, to fight the Endarkened at the Adamant Citadel. Despite being ordered not to, they both escaped through the Portal to face Sebastian. At the battle, Sebastian stabbed Jace, and jerked back as he was burned by heavenly fire. Sebastian's forces disappeared into the ground, and Clary rushed to help Jace. Clary marked Jace with an iratze, she created using her skills to the fullest. It was powerful enough to somehow heal him.

Later they discovered that Sebastian had taken hostage of Downworlders' leaders: Raphael, Luke, Meliorn and Magnus, along with Jocelyn. He demanded Clary and Jace in return, and the Clave were given two days to come up with a decision. Secretly, Clary, Jace, Alec, Isabelle and Simon traveled to the other dimension, Edom.

Sebastian and Clary in Edom.

Upon their arrival at Edom, they were separated by a demon that showed them their dreams. In Clary's, she was living in Idris happily, with Jocelyn and Luke—who were married and had a daughter, Valentina—named after her late father Valentine who was considered a hero—and with her brother, Jonathan, who was not born with demon blood. In the illusion, it was Clary and Jace's wedding day. Clary was snapped out of the illusion when he asked Jonathan about Simon and was absent in the dream.

While resting in a cave in the realm, Jace was overwhelmed with the heavenly fire. Clary was revisited by a dream and a vision of the first rune she'd ever received a vision of. When she came to help Jace, who was by then engulfed by the fire, she used the rune on Heosphoros and trapped the heavenly fire with it.

Later, when Isabelle was recuperating from a demonic wound during a run-in with demons, Clary and Jace bathed and, now free of the threat of unleashing Jace's heavenly fire, had sex for the first time by the cave's pool.

When the time came to advance on the dimension's Gard—Sebastian's base and where he was keeping his hostages—Clary pretended that she wanted to unite with her brother. Once she got close, she stabbed him with Heospheros, and thus he was struck with the heavenly fire she'd trapped in it. The heavenly fire burned away the evil in him—the demon blood that made him who he was—and Jonathan apologized for his sins and bid her and Jocelyn farewell.

To get out of Edom, they had to sacrifice Simon's immortality and memories of Shadow World and his friends. The Clave burned Sebastian's body at Clary's request, and she and Jace scattered his ashes, which were kept in his silver box (the one that Jocelyn had), at Lake Lyn.

In New York, Clary attempted to approach the amnesiac Simon but was too heartbroken when she realized that Simon truly no longer recognized her. After she left, Isabelle and Magnus realized that bits of Simon's memories manifested in different ways and, after Magnus gave him back what he could, took him to Jocelyn and Luke's wedding and reunited him with Clary.[7]

Simon's Ascension

When it was decided that Simon would attend the Shadowhunter Academy to try for Ascension, Clary was very supportive. She remained in contact with him, exchanging letters with him on a regular basis and visiting him occasionally. She kept her distance to give him the space he wanted to not make him uncomfortable with the memories her best friend still did not have,[13] though he eventually warmed up to them.[14]

In 2009, Emma requested her and Simon's presence for her parabatai ritual with Jules as their witnesses. A day before the ceremony, Magnus, Catarina, and Jem performed a test on the pair to confirm that they are in fact "true parabatai"—meaning they have been linked even before any ritual could have been performed between them. They were then told that it was still possible for them to become parabatai.[15]

Along with many of their friends, Clary was present when Simon drank from the Mortal Cup and, upon successful Ascension, became a Shadowhunter.[16] She and Simon soon became parabatai.


In September 2010, Clary and Jace were called to Alec and Magnus’s apartment for a mission. Clary invited Simon, believing her parabatai needed more experience in the field, who in turn brought Isabelle. Alec told them that Ragnor Fell was alive, and together with Shinyun Jung, had broken into the apartment the previous night, and stolen the Book of the White. He continued on to say that in the process of them stealing the Book, Magnus had been stabbed by a Svefnthorn. They then made plans to leave for Shanghai to retrieve the book, rescue Ragnor, and save Magnus from his mysterious wound. While the others left to pack, Clary stayed back to inform Magnus of a dream she had had the previous night in which he had been sitting on a golden throne and was a hundred feet tall. His features had become demonic, a huge fiery cross burned on his chest, and he had been in chains. Despite this, Magnus had appeared to look happy in the dream. Though she hadn't had prophetic dreams since the Dark War, she explained that she felt she needed to tell him and left.

In Shanghai, they searched for answers; first turning up nothing at the location the tracking rune told them Ragnor was. At the Institute, they made friends with a local Shadowhunter, Ke Yi Tian, who had been expecting them. He was able to give them more information about Portals malfunctioning around the world and about the strange demons they had been seeing. He took them to his family home where they were able to learn more about Yanluo and his realm, Diyu, which these demons were coming from. The next day, at the Shanghai Shadow Market, they researched the thorn and the demon realm before traveling there themselves.

In Diyu, Simon was separated from them. Clary panicked at first but calmed once she reached inside herself, to her parabatai connection, and could feel that he was alive. They trekked across Diyu and eventually found him with the help of Shinyun. They discovered he had been taken by Sammael to be tortured for having killed Lilith and were able to rescue him. They took shelter at St. Ignatius' counterpart in Reverse Shanghai. There they made plans to take Sammael down the following day and rested for the night. Before they got a chance to go after him, Sammael came to them. Angered that Magnus had freed Ragnor from his control while they were sleeping, Sammael put Clary, Jace, Simon, Izzy, and Tian in the Hell of the Pit of Fire. The group had to jump from floating platforms to avoid falling into lava while being attacked by demons. They were eventually able to work out a strategy and stayed alive while Magnus, Alec, and Ragnor were taken to another location by Sammael.

The three returned shortly after, explaining that Sammael had left and Diyu was currently being destroyed by Shinyun who had become a Greater Demon. They Portaled back to Shanghai and immediately back to New York from there. After cleaning up in their room, Jace and Clary talked about Maryse's offer for him to run the Institute so that she could retire. They came to a decision and Jace announced to Maryse that he would, provided that Clary could run it alongside him. Maryse agreed.[17]

Cold Peace

Not long after, at the tender age of nineteen, she and Jace took over as head of the New York Institute, making them one of the youngest Shadowhunters to ever hold the position. Additionally, she and Jace joined Alec's alliance with Maia and Lily. She was able to convince the others to put a computer in the strategy room, which became the group's meeting place.[18]

At one point, Clary set up a studio space in an unused bedroom near the music room in the Institute. She would devote several hours a week to draw and paint, and Jocelyn would sometimes join her. Her continued practice of her passion also inspired her boyfriend to improve on his own artistic ability, particularly his music-making and piano-playing.[3]

Clary's power with runes became an asset among Shadowhunters, to the point where some of the runes that came to her have been accepted by the Clave as new additions to the Gray Book and have become popularly-used, such as ones for breathing underwater and for birth control.[19]

While at the engagement party she planned for Simon and Isabelle in 2012, Jace proposed to Clary. The proposal took Clary by surprise; she was hesitant to give her answer, but before she could, an alarm went off and Clary Portaled to the Los Angeles Institute with Magnus, Robert and Jace to see what was wrong.[18][19] Clary eventually told Jace that she wasn't ready, though she loved him. The real reason was because she was having dreams and a feeling, which she believed were prophetic like she used to have, of her death and did not want to marry Jace only to leave and devastate him.[20]

Shortly after, Clary and Jace were tasked by the Council to investigate a supposed weapon left by Sebastian in Faerie,[20] one which, according to the Spiral Labyrinth, could nullify Shadowhunter powers. They were chosen for the mission because their angel blood protected them from Faerie's time slippage and from the effects of the blight.[21] They returned to the LA Institute, so Jace could meet Kit Herondale and so they could ask Mark Blackthorn about the layout of Faerie. Meanwhile, Clary confided in Emma and told her about the reason she did not accept Jace's proposal. Clary asked Emma to tell Jace and the others that she knew she was going to die and wasn't scared, and that was why she said no to Jace. Clary explained that she can only trust Emma with this information because everyone else would freak out.[20]

Clary and Jace eventually went to Faerie and made their way to the Unseelie Tower, where they discovered Ash, whom Clary immediately recognized as Sebastian's son. They were captured by the Riders of Mannan before they could even get close and were imprisoned, unable to return to mortal land at the time they told the others to expect them. With the help of Emma and the others, they were able to escape. In the audience of the King, Clary got a glimpse of another dimension called Thule and saw herself dead in that world; recognizing the scene, Clary realized that her visions had been of her death in Thule. A fight broke out, and in the chaos, Clary and Jace were returned to land with Cristina Rosales and the Eternidad.

Julian and Emma arrived back at the LA Institute only moments after the rest had but it was clear they had gone somewhere else as they were in bad shape. Jace and Clary decided to stay around the Institute to help out. When they came to, they shared the story of Thule and all they had learned there, including how to treat the Blight and cure the warlocks. They immediately made plans for Jace and Clary to go and retrieve some water from Lake Lyn to cure Magnus. However by morning, they had received a letter from the Cohort that stalled their departure: Jace and Clary were pronounced dead and the Shadowhunters were officially at war with the fey.

Other arrangements were made to retrieve and distribute the water and the inhabitants of the LA Institute began making plans for what to do next. Julian ended up calling a war council where Jace and Clary revealed themselves to be alive. Later, while they camped out in Brocelind, Clary came clean to Jace about her dream and why she had rejected his proposal; though they were unable to clarify where they stood on the subject due to the gravity of the situation.

As Julian's plan played out, Jace and Clary remained at camp as bait. Members of the Cohort led by Manuel Villalobos attacked the camp in an attempt to murder them before it could be revealed that Horace Dearborn had lied about their deaths. However they had planned for this and those there were tied up and march to the Imperishable Fields, Clary holding the banner of Livia's Watch. They tried to convince Horace to end the farce and go back to Alicante to face the Council but he refused and battle soon broke out. Clary fought alongside her parabatai and friends but opted to try knocking people out with runes rather than killing them. When Julian and Emma rose up as giants, Clary and her friends joined the Blackthorns' stance in talking them down.

A few days after the battle, Clary helped make a cake for Julian and Emma congratulating them on "not being giants anymore." The following day they attended the Council meeting for the Cohort's sentencing and to elect a new Consul. When Alec was announced as the winner of the election, Clary threw herself at Alec with joy. Though that quickly faded upon the Cohort's display. Via the threat of suicide, they demanded all those who did not support them leave Idris and be in exile. Clary made the Portals for all the attending Shadowhuters who did not wish to stay.[21]


In the weeks following their exile, Clary and Jace became part of and hosted a crisis team in New York — which was working on rebuilding, figuring out who had stayed in Alicante and who hadn't, planning the elections that needed to be held, etc. During this time, with their engagement in question, Clary began to make plans to surprise and propose to Jace. She set up a picnic in the Institute's greenhouse and had a blade forged with the words "Will you marry me?" in Latin.[22] After Magnus and Alec's wedding ceremony,[21] Clary Portaled them to the greenhouse and gave the blade to Jace, and Jace brought out a pair of rings and proposed to her as well. This time, Clary said yes.[22]

Several months later, Clary encountered Janus outside Magnus's apartment on her way to settle some chaos at a werewolf-vampire meet 'n' greet. Due to the darkness outside, she could not tell he wasn't her Jace, though she could tell something was off because he was acting different.[23]

Personality and traits

She always tries to do what’s right, and she never lets anyone else tell her what right is. She reminds my parabatai that he wants to live. Occasionally I wish she’d take fewer mad risks, but if I hated reckless crazy-brave people, I’d hate...

Alec to Simon about Clary, Born to Endless Night

Clary is incredibly stubborn and sarcastic, traits born out of her mother's over-protectiveness. She is also a very caring and compassionate person. For her friends and family, Clary is willing to go to extreme lengths, often recklessly, for what she believes is worth dying for, thus putting not only herself in danger but risking other people's lives without even asking their consent to carry forth with her plan seeing as it directly affects them. This usually leaves the people who care for her extremely worried and exasperated. Jace has even stated that her stubbornness matches his, which he figures was the reason they could not stand each other when they had first met. This is partnered with her being clever and quick-thinking, which often saves herself and others in dire situations.

She is also an artist like her mother, Jocelyn. She keeps a notepad of paper where she often draws out her emotions and feelings through pictures, her version of a diary, just using pictures instead of words.

Physical description

She is often said to look almost exactly like Jocelyn—with their green eyes, curly red hair, slender figure, small chest and narrow hips—though she does not see it, nor does she see the beauty others often see in her. There was a time when Clary felt herself to be a smaller, less beautiful, and more childlike version of her mother, although most people disagree. She is quite short, just a little over five feet tall, has hair she considers carrot-colored, and "a face full of freckles."

It is mentioned a few times that she dresses in a boyish and unfashionable ensemble, wearing oversized T-shirts, jeans and sneakers, which sometimes annoys Isabelle, who then picks out nicer, or more fashionably trendy clothes for her to wear. Through Isabelle's influence, she slowly shed her usually boyish fashion and began to put an effort into fixing herself up more often. She is told by a few guys to be cute or beautiful, despite what she personally thinks of herself. Jace (as seen in bonus material from his view) is also shown to find her beautiful as well as fierce and says that Clary, unlike other girls, just doesn't know it.

Skills and abilities

  • Nephilim physiology: Being Nephilim, Clary possesses a myriad of enhanced physical and mental abilities granted to her by the blood of Raziel in her veins and also by the angelic Marks of the Gray Book. This includes enhanced strength, agility, stamina, coordination, and many others which improve over time and practice.
  • Runic magic: Due to the angel Raziel's blood in their veins, all Shadowhunters are able to apply runes on their skin without any real danger. These Marks, in turn, give varied effects that serve to benefit the wearer.
  • Angelic blood empowerment: While all Shadowhunters have the angel Raziel's blood in them, Clary has more; particularly, she was given the blood of Ithuriel in her mother's womb due to Valentine's experiments. Because of this, she became partially linked to Ithuriel, who, when the need arose, sent her prophetic dreams and visions of the future, as well as images of long-forgotten runes, or runes not in the Gray Book and known only to angels, which she is able to recreate and use. She can also enhance the potency of common runes to make them more powerful than usual. She also possesses the unique ability to transform objects into art on paper, which can be transformed back.
  • The Sight: As a Shadowhunter, Clary is able to easily see through most magical illusions and layers of glamour over reality. Because of her years being raised as a mundane—and the years when she had a block on her Sight, which eventually needed more —she needed some training for this in the beginning and struggled slightly.
  • Use of heavenly weapons: As a Nephilim, Clary is also able to handle heavenly weapons with effect, since this would normally not work for other species. In particular, these are weapons made of adamas and forged by Iron Sisters, such as seraph blades.
  • Art: Clary is a particularly gifted and talented artist.
  • Parabatai bond: Due to her Parabatai bond with Simon Lewis, Clary can call more strength in battle. Runes given to her by Simon also have a stronger effect.


The Queen's bell that Clary temporarily possessed in 2007.

  • A witchlight given to her by Jace for her 16th birthday.
  • Morgenstern family ring: Clary owns the Morgenstern family ring given to her by Jace when he left to find Sebastian Verlac. She wears it on a silver chain as a necklace.
  • One faerie ring: After stealing a pair of faerie rings, Clary kept one and gave the other to Simon so they could communicate with each other telepathically. Her ring was destroyed; Simon's remains intact but has lost its functional magic. Simon gave her his ring just before he sacrificed himself in Edom.
  • Engagement ring: A ring that is a part of a matching set given to her by Jace. The rings are made from adamas and have the inscription: L'amor che move il sole e l'altre stelle (Italian for "the love that moves the sun and the other stars").[22]


  • Queen's bell: Clary was once given a silver bell pendent by the Seelie Queen that she wore around her neck until she had to use it to be summoned to the Seelie Court.
  • Heosphoros: A Morgenstern blade with a pattern of black stars that ran down the center ridge. Forged by Wayland the Smith, it is a shortsword and part of a matched set, the other being Phaesphoros. The blade was destroyed in Edom after she used it to kill Sebastian with heavenly fire.[21]



X Tarot 6.jpg
I love you, Jace Wayland—Herondale—Lightwood—whatever you want to call yourself. I don’t care. I love you and I will always love you, and pretending it could be any other way is just a waste of time.

– Clary to Jace, City of Glass

Jace is the love of Clary's life.

Clary first met Jace at the Pandemonium club. Initially, they appeared to find each other's presence a nuisance, albeit drawn to one another. In their months together, however, they inevitably fell in love. The two share their first kiss at the Institute's greenhouse.

Several hardships and conflicts arise that complicate their relationship. Only shortly after they shared their first kiss, they were tricked by Clary's father into believing that they were siblings. Despite this, they found it hard to deny their feelings for each other. They even kissed on more than one occasion while still under the impression that they were siblings. Jace began to keep his distance and tried to divert his attention to another girl, however, as he was scared of his "incestuous" emotions, and Clary even dated Simon in their efforts to keep away from each other. They began arguing a lot and blaming one another for each other's problems. Even before they found out the truth, there were times when they had decided to be with one another as "more than siblings".

Once freed from the lies that tore them apart, they began officially dating and were even happy for a while—until Lilith began controlling Jace, giving him dreams of killing Clary. Fearing that he might harm her in real life, Jace closed himself off again. When Clary found out that Jace has become bound to Sebastian, she devised a plan and joined him and Sebastian in her desperate need to save Jace; while she spied on them to find out her brother's plans, their friends in New York searched for a way to split Jace and Sebastian. Their travels together gave her and Jace time to be together, during which they both try to sleep together on two separate occasions. Eventually, their bond was broken, and Jace and Clary are free to be together again.

Jace's freedom came with a price when he remained engulfed in heavenly fire for weeks, keeping them apart as Jace feared hurting her, though there were moments when they couldn't help their emotions and had some intimate moments. After Jace's fire was contained in Heosphoros while in Edom, the couple finally consummated their relationship.

At Luke and Jocelyn's wedding, months after the Dark War, the couple finally found their peace together. A couple of years later, the couple began running the New York Institute together. In 2012, Jace proposed to Clary. She initially rejected the proposal, asking for some time, as she had visions of herself dying and didn't want to leave him a widow so young. When she realized her visions were actually of Thule, Clary told Jace the truth. After Magnus and Alec's wedding, she Portaled him back to the NY Institute's greenhouse, where she had set up a romantic picnic in. There she proposed to Jace with a blade, and he surprised her with a pair of rings for re-proposing to her as well. They both, obviously, said yes and are now happily engaged.


Tarot Steles 5.jpg
You had Simon. He was your brother in all the ways that matter. He watched you grow up, defended you, fought with and for you, cared about you all your life. He was the brother you chose.

–Jace to Clary, City of Heavenly Fire

Simon is Clary's childhood best and oldest friend. Best friends since they were six, while Clary saw Simon as nothing more than a good friend and a brother figure, Simon developed feelings for Clary and was never able to admit these to her until ten years later, spurred by jealousy of her budding romance with Jace.

They briefly dated after Clary's fallout with Jace. Eventually, Simon learned to accept that Clary did not feel the same way about him and moved on. They remained best friends and continued to care for one another.

When Simon lost his memories, Clary was heartbroken but determined—she still reached out a few times to see if he had remembered anything at all. Magnus was later able to give him some of his memories back, and Simon chose to Ascend, Clary supported him and the two rekindled their friendship by talking about memories from their past and making new memories together. After Simon became a Shadowhunter, they cemented their friendship and became parabatai.

Isabelle Lightwood initially disliked Clary because she felt that Clary messed up the dynamics between the original trio, Alec, Jace and Izzy. And Clary intensely disliked her for showing interest in Simon, even though they had no romantical attachments.

Gradually though, their relationship improved as they set aside their differences and chose to form a sort of amity and camaraderie. They eventually became good friends who are there for each other and have opened up to one another on several occasions.

Alec Lightwood used to be hostile towards Clary. He did not think much about her personality and mainly focused on how fixated on her Jace seemed to be. He claimed to think that Clary may be affecting Jace in a negative way, but Clary saw through this and realized that Alec was in fact jealous because he was in love with Jace. Later on, Clary expressed similar hostility, if not more, which led their already tainted relationship to worsen. Things began to get better when everyone, briefly, believed that Jace and Clary were siblings. Even after this was revealed to be false, Clary and Alec were already amicable as Alec had moved on from Jace. Without needing to acknowledge their argument, the two put the past behind them and became good friends and allies.

The pair really began to bond as time went by and Alec came to love her when he realized that Clary never failed him. Whether it be in grand gestures or something as small as escaping Simon's terrible band for tacos or sending him pictures of his family when he was away; Clary never failed.[24]

Though Clary has no recollection of it, Magnus has been in her life since she was a child and practically watched her grow up. When they officially met again after Clary became aware of her identity, they became allies and gradually became friends concerned about each other's well-being.

Clary had been friends with Emma since she comforted the younger girl after Emma ran away from Julian's trial with the Mortal Sword. They stayed in contact for years, and Clary later admitted to Emma that she had had visions of herself "dying," when it was actually visions of Thule.


Clary has a generally good and close relationship with her mother, Jocelyn. Despite the occasional arguments, they love each other dearly.

For over a decade, Jocelyn kept Clary away from the Shadow World for years, hoping to protect her. However, when she was unexpectedly taken by Valentine, Clary was unwittingly introduced into the world of the Shadowhunters, a necessary danger in Clary's desperate efforts to find and rescue her. Clary did everything in her power to rescue Jocelyn and when she was finally found, she visited talked to her in the hospital every day and went to great lengths to save her.

As Clary became more immersed in the Shadow World, however, she began to feel increasingly estranged from her mother as it became clear that the Jocelyn everyone remembered was nothing like the Jocelyn she knew as her mother, even more so when she found out about Jocelyn keeping her whole life and identity a secret from her. Nonetheless, Clary continued to fight vehemently to find her mother, refusing to believe that she is dead. Her anger about it was put on a backburner, however, as she continued to search for a cure—until Jocelyn was awakened and they reunited in Alicante. Clary released her pent-up anger towards her mother for lying to her and keeping her in the dark about her true self and abilities for years, though they quickly worked out their differences mended their relationship.

Despite their closeness and her mother's approval to finally let her train to become a Shadowhunter, she and her mother are still occasionally at odds. They often debate about what they think is best for Clary, with Clary often wanting to make her independence a point—which is typical for most mother-and-daughter relationships.

Clary never held any sympathy or love towards her biological father. She despised Valentine for his narrow vision of the world, his desire for glory, and the evil acts he had committed to achieve his ends. She refused to believe anything he said, knowing that Valentine was a proficient liar with only selfish intentions. To some extent, Clary refused to even acknowledge Valentine as her father, often referring to him by his given name which noticeably annoyed him.

Valentine himself cared very little for Clary and was willing to kill her to reach his goals, proving that she meant nothing to him. He even blamed her as the reason Jocelyn left him during the Uprising. Clary noted to herself that the only time he had ever really looked at her was the instant before his demise in the Mortal War.

After Valentine's death, she tried to forget about him but was constantly reminded of him. She is visibly affected when people bring him and their connection up.

Tarot Rings 7.jpg

Clary's first encounter with her brother was while he was under the guise of Sebastian Verlac during her first trip to Idris. She immediately saw the resemblance between him and the Dark Prince with the tragic story from her dreams.[5] While she was oblivious of her relation to him, he was completely aware yet continued to behave as if they were unrelated and had even kissed her.

In the months following the Mortal War and his death, Clary tried to forget about him and Valentine. When Lilith began the process to resurrect Sebastian, she, along with Jace and Simon, did what they could to prevent it from coming to pass. When Jace disappeared along with Sebastian's corpse, Clary began to hate Sebastian even more for taking Jace away.[12]

Clary joined Jonathan and Jace when the two boys became bound to one another. During the time Clary got to know her brother, his motives and their lineage, Clary questioned her opinion of him, until Jace informed her of Jonathan's plans to create Endarkened Shadowhunters like him through an "Infernal Cup".

Despite being fully aware that he and Clary are related, Jonathan informed Clary that he wants to have her in all ways, saying that they are destined for each other as they are the last Morgensterns left. He wanted to burn the world and rule another one with Clary at his side. With no real perception of what love truly was, he desperately forced it in his own, twisted way with Clary and Jace.

Clary would have killed him on several occasions, if not for his connection to Jace until, ultimately, she got her chance and did just that. When the evil was removed from his body, the real, non-demonically influence Jonathan surfaced and, in his dying moments, apologized to Clary for his evil as Sebastian and did what he could to save them.

Clary was five when she first met Luke. Clary quickly got along with Luke, who then continued to care for and raise her, along with Jocelyn. Eventually, Clary grew to love Luke like a father and called him uncle until she was fifteen. Not only was Luke the only father figure to her growing up, but Clary also sees him more like her real father than Valentine could have ever been—this is something she has even said out loud; whereas Valentine was her biological father, Luke was the one who has been a father to her all those years, who took care of her and was a big part in raising her. When Luke proposed to Jocelyn, Clary supported the couple, and when they finally wed, Luke became her step-father.



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Clary's middle name "Adele" was in honor of her maternal grandmother.[3]

Her mundane surname Fray was chosen by Jocelyn for her and Clary as a portmanteau of Fairchild and Gray, which Jocelyn chose for the relationship of the Fairchilds, Jocelyn's "lost family", and Tessa Gray.[6]

Clarissa is considered an English, Italian, and Portuguese name. It is derived from the German name Clarice, which was in turn from a medieval French form of Claritia, a derivative of Clara. Clara is the feminine form of the Late Latin name Clarus. It means "clear, bright, and famous".[25]

Clary, her nickname, is typically a diminutive form of Clara. The name itself can be derived from the plant of the same name: salvia sclarea, wherein the Latin name sclarea is derived from the adjective clarus which means "clear". The plant is also called "Clear Eye" (from the fact that the seeds have been used for clearing the sight) and "See Bright". As a Swedish name, it was first introduced as a surname by Swedish 19th-century queen Desideria who was born Désirée Clary. The name was quite popular in Sweden in the first half of the 20th century.[26]

Fray has also had noted history as a surname, most associated with English roots.[27][28]

Clary was originally named after two of Cassie's friends: she was originally called Valerie Frayre, after the artist who designed the runes, which she later changed to Valerie Frayne. Then when a friend of hers was also writing a book with a heroine named Valerie, she changed it to Clary, another personal friend. Her editor later made the decision to finally name her Clary Fray. Cassandra then decided to make Clary a nickname for Clarice, later changed to her current name, Clarissa.[29]


  • Clary, like the Herondale men and Jocelyn, has a white star-shaped scar; Clary's is on her shoulder. All of them received their scars because of their contact with the angel Ithuriel. Unlike the rest of them, Clary received her scar because she was born with Ithuriel's angel blood in her veins through Valentine's experiments.
  • Clary now goes by her mother's maiden Shadowhunter name, Fairchild.[30][31]
  • She was once mistakenly called Mary Morgenstern by George Lovelace.[13]
  • Clary cuts her own hair.[32]
  • If Valentine had known about her and had a choice, she would have been named Seraphina, after his mother.[9]
  • For her mother and Luke's wedding, she painted a portrait of Luke and Jocelyn as a wedding gift.[7]
  • Though Shadowhunters do not celebrate Thanksgiving, Clary and Simon, having grown up mundane, missed it and started throwing their own Thanksgiving parties with their new friends and family. They've enjoyed introducing Jace, Izzy, Alec, and the others to such delicacies as green bean casserole and sweet potatoes with melted marshmallows.[33]
  • In 2010, Clary's soul attended the wedding of Tessa Gray and Jem Carstairs on Blackfriars Bridge in her dreams. It soon faded from her memory.[34]