Cirenworth is the home of Jem Carstairs and his wife Tessa Gray in Devon.[1] The home formerly belonged to his uncle Elias Carstairs and his family.[2]


In 1895, Elias fell in love with the 17th century styled building and bought it immediately. Since he had bought it from mundanes, Elias undertook a series of remodeling the house to make it more fit for the Shadowhunter life-style. Namely he turned the ballroom into a training area: replacing the parquet floors with softer wood from Idris to cushion falls; hanging weapons from hooks where chandeliers had once been; and even a raised fighting platform. It became a place he and his family returned to in between their travels, though often not for long periods of time.[2]

Over a century later, the house still remained in the Carstairs family with his nephew Jem. He and his wife made plans to move into the house to raise their daughter Mina there, along with Kit Herondale. Jem and Tessa enlisted Magnus Bane's help to put up wards as extra protection for Kit. Magnus also helped Jem convert the glass conservatory into a music studio; Magnus making it magically hospitable for instruments.[3]


  • The house is situated on the edge of Dartmoor, not far from Chagford.[4]


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