Christopher Lightwood is the second child and oldest son of Cecily Herondale and Gabriel Lightwood.


Early life

Christopher Lightwood was born in 1887, after his older sister, Anna, and before his younger brother, Alexander.

Christopher was mentored by fellow inventor Henry Branwell—also an old family friend of his parents and relatives. Though he was eccentric, their familiarity with Henry and his attitude made them able to adapt to him, and thus most of his family and friends were supportive of his experiments.[1]


Attending the Shadowhunter Academy at twelve in 1899, Christopher was accompanied by his cousin Thomas Lightwood and later by their family friend Matthew Fairchild. When his other cousin James Herondale arrived, their group tried to assimilate him into their group, though James kept distancing himself at first. Eventually, after James and Matthew resolved their issues, the four boys became good friends. Christopher was mostly oblivious to why the other students bullied or feared James, not thinking James was strange. Christopher was also constantly distracted and impressed by odd things, bothering even their professor Ragnor Fell.

A few weeks into the school year, Matthew gave Christopher materials that he could use to build explosives. They left the slow-acting bomb in the Academy's south wing, which exploded minutes after.[2] Christopher was asked to leave the academy following the explosion, though that had not been Matthew's intent. As it turned out, Ragnor had threatened to leave the school forever if they allowed him to remain.[3]

After James and Matthew left the Academy to train instead at the London Institute, the four boys remained close friends and have since almost always been together as a group.[4]

Personality and traits

Christopher is a form of scientist, much like Henry Branwell, whom he gets along with.[5] He is quite eccentric and can be absent-minded and easily distracted.[2][1] He is also quite awkward, especially around women.[6]

Physical description

Christopher has lavender eyes and brown hair. He has a slender build and is often seen wearing spectacles.



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  • Christopher's favorite treat is lemon tarts.[7]
  • According to a found family tree, Christopher went on to marry Grace Blackthorn and had a son named Isidore with her. Also according to the tree, he died some time in 1938 at the age of 50 or 51.

  • Christopher can speak Welsh, along with his mother, maternal uncle, siblings, and cousins.[8]
  • He is called "Chris" by Anna and Matthew.[9]
  • Christopher yearns to meld magic and science. He hopes to and succeeds in inventing a gun that can be used against demons but with unintended consequences.[10] James may be the one who will wield the gun.[11][12]


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