Charlie is a mundane ambulance driver in London during the time of the Blitz, primarily stationed at St. Bart's Hospital.


Some time before the war, Charlie's wife, Mabel, became pregnant with their second child and also became ill. She was treated by Catarina Loss and eventually gave birth to Eddie. Charlie became grateful to Catarina for saving his wife and child and had since viewed her as a miracle-working nurse.

During the Blitz, on the 29th of December in 1940, Charlie drove Sisters Catarina and Tessa in his ambulance with a patient, meaning to take them to their apartment under the impression that the nurses needed some place close to tend to the patient but away from a crowded ward. Along the way, his many routes were impeded by falling incendiaries and bombs, one of which collapsed a building and injured two men. Charlie took the men back to the hospital as the nurses voluntarily left to walk their patient the rest of the way.[1]



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