The Shadowhunters deck is a deck of cards based on the traditional tarot deck and interpreted with characters from The Shadowhunter Chronicles, illustrated by Cassandra Jean. Cassandra Clare decided which characters go on the cards.

The typical tarot deck has 78 cards, but the Shadowhunter deck has an extra Fool card, totaling 79 cards. It uses a different name for every card and suit, basically translating the original Arcana into Shadowhunter lingo: Swords are Blades, Wands are Steles, Cups are Runes, and Pentacles are Rings. Despite this, the card numbers still correlate with the original tarot card numbers.

Explanations of some of the cards can be found here. The decks are being sold on TopatoCo.

Major Arcana

Minor Arcana

Rings (Pentacles):
Runes (Cups):
Steles (Wands):
Blades (Swords):

Discarded designs

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