The Carstairs family is an old Shadowhunter family.


In the 1800s, Jonah Carstairs, his wife Ke Wen Yu, and their son James lived in and ran the Shanghai Institute. When his parents were killed by the Greater Demon Yanluo, Jem was sent to the London Institute.

After Jem became a Silent Brother, his uncle, Elias Carstairs, carried on the family name and the sword, Cortana, was passed down his line.

By 2012, Emma Carstairs, then the owner of Cortana, resides in the Los Angeles Institute along with the Blackthorns after the death of her parents, John Carstairs and Cordelia Townsend.

Known members

Family tree

Ke Wen Yu
Jonah C.
Elias C.
Sona T.
Unknown woman
Alastair C.
Cordelia C.
James H.
Jem C.
Tessa G.
John C.
Cordelia T.
Emma C.


CN Carstairs ring

The Carstairs family symbol, as shown on their family rings, are the crenelations of a castle tower.