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Cameron Ashdown is a former Shadowhunter who works with the rebellion against the Legion of the Star in Los Angeles in Thule, despite his family's allegiance to the latter.


This character's history is identical to that of his alternate dimension counterpart up until just before the Dark War, where the timeline split and the following changes took place.


Months after the Dark War was lost to Sebastian Morgenstern, Cameron ended up on the road. He hopped trains to get back to Los Angeles, where his sister said it was safe. Along the way, while in Chicago, Cameron ran into the remaining four Blackthorn children and began traveling with them. </div>

Upon arriving at Union Station, they were greeted by his sister Paige, and he soon learned that his family had joined the Legion of the Star. Cameron immediately sent the Blackthorns away to save them from his family. Cameron did not want to swear his loyalty to Sebastian, though he went along with it to survive. At one point, he became connected to the small resistance that was developing in the city.

Some time after, Cameron found Dru and Livia Blackthorn on their way to the Institute and stopped them before they could surrender and join them out of desperation. Cameron instead took them to the Bradbury Building where the resistance planned to put down its roots. They all worked together to break into the building and reinforce it.

The resistance soon grew much larger, with more refugees from different cities arriving. Cameron continued to fight with the resistance all the while pretending to be loyal to the Legion so he could feed information to the resistance. He also eventually got into a relationship with Livvy.


In 2014, while staking out at a beach where Sebastian was holding an execution, Cameron spotted odd pair lurking around: Julian and Emma. Though they'd both initially assumed that they were the Endarkened Julian and Emma, they insisted that they were Julian and Emma from another world. Cameron noticed Julian's runes and pointed them out to Livvy, who decided to take them back with them to Bradbury.

Cameron escorted the pair to a room and brought them supplies. Having assumed that they were a coupe like their Thule counterparts, pointed out the condoms in the nightstand. Julian then asked him for a sketchpad, which he later told Livvy about, prompting the girl to finally trust Julian.

With suggestions from Emma and Julian and the eventual help of the Last Warlock Tessa Gray, the group made plans to retrieve the Mortal Instruments from the Silent City. On the day of the plan's execution, Cameron entered the City with Emma and Julian. Sebastian and a portion of his army ambushed the rebels, however, and Cameron was left inside the City to fend for himself. When Sebastian ordered the retrieval of everything in the Silent City, Livvy told Tessa to seal the City once again, sacrificing Cameron who was still inside.

The thought of Cameron's sacrifice was one driving force that kept Livvy from joining Emma and Julian to the world where her family was whole, determined to continue their fight and make his sacrifice mean something.[1]

Personality and traits

Cameron is said to be funnier, sometimes with a dark sense of humor, than his counterpart.

Physical description

Cameron is red-haired, tall, and muscular.



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