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Cameron was right, and he stood up to his family, in his own way. And he did it for Downworlders that he didn't know.

Julian Blackthorn about Cameron, Queen of Air and Darkness

Cameron Ashdown is a Shadowhunter and Emma's ex-boyfriend.


Early life

Cameron's family lived in Los Angeles. For some time, Cameron became the on-and-off boyfriend of Emma Carstairs, a resident at the local Institute, with Emma constantly getting back together with him and breaking up every four months or so.[1]

Cameron took an unusual interest in mundane sports, his favorite being soccer. Cameron secretly dreamed of joining a local soccer club. He often went running with Emma when they were dating, both to remain fit for training and in condition for soccer.[2]

At one point, Cameron became convinced that Anselm Nightshade was murdering werewolf children. His family tried to dissuade him from pursuing the lead, fearful of Nightshade's powerful friends. Though he had no proof, he went to Diana Wrayburn with the information hoping they could act on it instead. Julian did so in 2012 when he had Nightshade arrested and, albeit being for a different crime, they found bones of werewolf children in his basement, proving his suspicions correct.[3]

Helping Emma

By August 2012, he and Emma were dating again. He accompanied her to the Los Angeles Shadow Market, disapproving of her transactions with the mysterious Johnny Rook. A few days later, Emma broke up with him again — for the last time — over the phone. Cameron later called Emma to say that he was worried about her, as someone at the Shadow Market had mentioned a threat towards Emma they'd heard.[1]

Against the Cohort

When Julian called for a war council meeting at the Institute to discuss their stance against the Cohort's rule, Cameron attended the meeting. He was surprised and freaked out to be greeted by an enthusiastic Emma and Julian, not knowing that this was due to the Cameron they'd met in Thule.

Cameron soon Portaled to Idris for the compulsory viewing of the Cohort's parley. He was among the crowd of Shadowhunters who waited for the gates to open when a battle broke out on the Imperishable Fields. He saw his sister Paige, then still loyal to the Cohort, try and block passage through the gates. When the gates were opened and Paige was among those knocked aside, Cameron helped her up and went on to join the battle on the field. On the field, his cousin Vanessa stabbed him "with some kind of demon stuff on the blade", and Cameron had to be supported and helped off of the field by Jaime Rosales before being taken by a Silent Brother to the Basilias. Shortly after, the true Nephilim forms of Julian and Emma exacted small revenge for him by striking Vanessa.

After the remaining Cohort members rejected Alec Lightwood's election as Consul and Alec agreed to a self-imposed exile on those who did not want to be ruled by the Cohort, Cameron and Paige joined Emma and the others through the Portal back to Los Angeles.[3]

Physical description

Cameron is red-haired, tall, and muscular.




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