SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

Brother Shadrach is a Shadowhunter and a Silent Brother.


In 1903, Brother Shadrach was one of the Silent Brothers called to the London Institute to treat some of the children of the Enclave after being poisoned by an unknown demon impervious to sunlight. He was particularly seen working on Piers Wentworth with a tincture to help replace blood loss.[1]

In 2009, Brother Shadrach performed the parabatai ceremony for Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn.[2]

Years later, in 2012, Brother Shadrach attended the war council meeting Julian called at the Los Angeles Institute to discuss their stance against the Cohort's rule, alongside Sister Emilia.

After the meeting, he was summoned to Alicante for the Cohort's parley and was assigned to guard the city with the other Silent Brothers.

When the battle broke out on the Imperishable Fields and many Shadowhunters were being held back inside Alicante by the Cohort, demanding for the gates to open, Brother Shadrach was the one who informed them of the Silent Brothers' decision that Jia Penhallow was the true Consul, not Horace Dearborn. He demanded that the Cohort members open the gates and when they refused, he and his brothers blew the doors open, choosing to side with Livia's Watch and allowing reinforcements to join the battle.[3]



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