Brother Jeremiah was a Shadowhunter and one of the Silent Brothers. He was relatively young, though his appearance was deformed due to all of the runes that he placed upon himself. He was the first of the silent brothers to be seen. He was described to have smelled like "sweet spices".


City of Bones

Brother Jeremiah is called upon by Hodge Starkweather to assist Clary Morgenstern in regaining her memories. He states that he cannot break the block set on her mind alone and that she must accompany him back the the Silent City to get help.

At the Silent City, it is revealed that only the one that put the block on her mind could undo it and that that person was Magnus Bane. Brother Jeremiah then leads Clary out of the Silent City.

City of Ashes

Brother Jeremiah is next seen when Jace Lightwood is in prison. He is in a holding cell of the Silent City and he hears screams from above. Brother Jeremiah opens the door, having been attacked by Agramon, and fell dead on the floor.

Physical Appearance

Brother Jeremiah had pale skin, littered with runes. They were described as black markings across his white skin. His head was shaved and was said to look like an egg. He had no eyes, just indents where they should be. His mouth was sewn shut, signifying that he didn't need to speak.

Powers and Abilities

Brother Jeremiah possessed an array of powers.

Mind Reading: Brother Jeremiah possessed the ability to Read the minds of those around him.

Runes: As a shadowhunter, Brother Jeremiah possessed the ability to bear the marks of the angels


Stele- Brother Jeremiah possessed a Stele, which he used to draw runes

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