Brother Enoch is one of the Silent Brothers and the most called upon by the London Institute during the late 1870s, assisting them on several occasions.


The Clockwork War

Charlotte Branwell called upon him to treat Tessa Gray after their escape from the Dark House. When Tessa was awakened to his mutilated face, Tessa screamed in fear. He was also brought into to heal Nate Gray when he was rescued from Alexei de Quincey.[1]

He was the one to tell Charlotte that she is pregnant. He was shown to have used a material instrument to remove a metal fragment from Will's back.[2]

Brother Enoch arrived at the London Institute with Brother Micah and Brother Zachariah, taking Charlotte's call for help. With the main group, the three Silent Brothers Portaled to Cadair Idris and fought against Mortmain's automatons.[3]


In 1900, Brother Enoch was called to the Carstairs home in Cirenworth when James Herondale had fallen ill. He diagnosed him with scalding fever—a Shadowhunter illness typically seen in infants—and ordered everyone out that had not had it before as it was extremely contagious otherwise. He mixed him a potion to cure him and kept an eye on his condition over the next few days. When the fever was gone for a full day, he deemed him no longer contagious and allowed his family to come see him.

A few years later, in 1903, Brother Enoch was summoned to the London Institute following a daytime demon attack. He got straight to work on Ariadne Bridgestock while Brother Shadrach and Brother Zachariah worked on the other seriously wounded patients. Though the Brothers had never seen the poison before, and therefore had no antidote, they treated their physical injuries for the time being. They later decided to put them to sleep, hoping it would slow the poison from reaching their hearts while they looked for a cure.

The Brothers checked on the patients regularly at the Institute's infirmary, and thus were there to receive more as attacks continued to happen. Brother Enoch was there when Grace Blackthorn arrived with her mother's twitching body and rushed out to help her carry Tatiana Blackthorn inside for treatment.

Once they discovered the poison could be transmitted to other, they moved all the patients to the Silent City and limited or refused visits to keep others safe. They worked tirelessly to find an elixir but it was eventually found by Christopher Lightwood. It was made and then delivered by his cousin Thomas, to which the Brothers quickly quickly distributed it among the patients.[4]

Brother Zachariah

As Silent Brothers, their thoughts are linked and thus they can hear one another's thoughts in their own heads. Brother Enoch, along with many of the other brothers, had become annoyed by Brother Zachariah's constant thoughts of Tessa Gray and Will Herondale. Though because they were all linked, they all loved them too, they had begun to resent Tessa and Will for this. Enoch had made it especially clear to Zachariah that he was tired of their names ceaselessly echoing in their minds.[5]

Despite their annoyance, Brother Enoch assured Zachariah that when the time came, they would help him bear the loss of Will. By 1936, Zachariah came to terms with that time being eminent, and Enoch constantly told him every time the thoughts came up that it would be manageable because they were all there for him.

On a mission to retrieve adamas from the Mysterious Merchants' Bazaar of the Bizarre, Zachariah had been offered a choice by the Greater Demon Belial in which he offered him a cure for the yin fen in his system. Enoch and the others had long searched for a cure and yielded nothing, leading to them assuming there was no cure. But Enoch was very intrigued by this offer and began searching for demonic cures associated with Belial.[6]

The Dark War

In 2007, Clary Fairchild and Jace Herondale went to the Silent City to seek help for Jace's nightmares. Brother Enoch was among those present who dug through his brain to look for any signs of possession. Brother Enoch was the one to explain that having had Raziel bring Jace back to life had upset the balance of good and evil, life and death. He continued to say that because he was brought back, he was born anew and needed to have the protection spells placed upon newborn Shadowhunters done again to protect him from the demon trying to access his mind.[7]

Brother Enoch and Brother Zachariah were the Silent Brothers sent to the New York Institute for Maryse Lightwood, who called for them to see the message that Sebastian Morgenstern left them with a pair of sewn-off angel wings.[8]

Not long after, Brother Enoch was one of the Silent Brothers in the Basilias tending to those who were wounded in the battle for the Adamant Citadel. When Jace attempted to leave the Basilias before they had cleared him, Enoch attempted to talk him into staying. However Jace was insistent on finding Brother Zachariah and then leaving. Brother Enoch relented and took him to see Brother Zachariah.

At the battle they had been able to capture on of Sebastian's Endarkened, Amalric Kriegsmesser. The Silent Brothers had hoped to find a cure and tried numerous things to change him back. Ultimately Brother Enoch and the others tried having him drink from the Mortal Cup which instantly killed him. Brother Enoch was later seen at the funerals for all those who had died in the battle, walking up and down the line of pyres.

Enoch was later among those present when Jia Penhallow informed them of the message she had recieved claiming that the fey were betraying them and working with Sebastian. Enoch and Zachariah advised them not to confront the Seelie Queen right away. He felt it was a rare occurance to have knowledge that she does not know they have and could be used their advantage.[9]

Later life

In 2012, Brother Enoch was among those summoned to investigate a body Emma Carstairs had found in Los Angeles. While the body was covered in Markings similar to what were found on her parents, Enoch and the others would not let her near the body again.[10]

Around the same time Jem Carstairs—the man who used to be Brother Zachariah—begged for his help in healing Tessa after she had been fatally stabbed by a Rider and was trapped in the Change. Brother Enoch came and did what he could to save her. Between his tonics and rituals, and her Change, the wound became no longer a mortal threat and begun healing. However he feared the Change had now become the greatest threat as it was draining her and she couldn't seem to find her way out. He told Jem there was nothing he could and that they must simply wait.

When Tessa broke out of it a few days later and was able to awake, Brother Enoch was still there waiting. He came into the room upon Jem's call and after Jem left the room, Brother Enoch told her the cause of her being trapped in the change was inside her—she was pregnant.[11]





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