Bridget Daly is a Sighted mundane who has been serving at the London Institute since 1878.


Early life

Bridget came from an Irish family of Sighted mundanes who have been serving Shadowhunters for generations.

London Institute

Originally a cook for the Dublin Institute, Bridget was sent to London by the Clave to replace the late cook, Agatha.[1] She arrived around the same time as a fellow new employee, Cyril Tanner, who was also called for to replace his brother, a former employee, Thomas, who was killed in the same automaton attack as Agatha.[2]

As a precaution to avoid what happened with the former employees, the Conclave decided that everyone in the Institute, even the non-Shadowhunters, should be trained in battle to be able to defend themselves. Bridget and Cyril, however, proved to already be very capable and needed no further training.[1]

The residents soon learned that Bridget was quite morbid, often heard loudly singing Irish sorrowful folk ballads while she worked. Despite this, Bridget became an asset to the Institute, even fighting with the Shadowhunters in battle when the need arose.[1][3]

Bridget would remain a faithful servant of the Institute until her later years, helping raise the children of the Conclave members, including James and Lucie Herondale, as their nursemaid.[4][5] At some point she seemingly took over for Cyril with readying and driving the carriages as well.[6]

Later life

Bridget somehow became long-lived and was still serving at the London Institute when the Blackthorns and their friends came in 2012.[7][8]

Personality and traits

For some reason, Bridget is terribly morbid and is often heard singing Irish folk ballads, such as those from the Child Ballads, about death and heartbreak loudly while she worked, which tends to drive the inhabitants of the Institute crazy.[1]

Physical description

Bridget has curly scarlet hair, brown eyes, and is said to be "the definition of rawboned," having bones which are too big for her skinny frame.[1]

Skills and abilities

Bridget was trained with Shadowhunters and has demonstrated skill in fighting and handling weapons, holding her own very well in battle against demonic automatons and even other Shadowhunters.[1]



  • Bridget has famously terrible eggs.[6]
  • How Bridget became long-lived (well into her 100s) will be explained in The Last Hours.[8]


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