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Bradbury Rebels is the term used to refer to the group of Shadowhunters and Downworlders who resist the rule of the Legion of the Star in Los Angeles in Thule, so-called because of the name of their base, the Bradbury Building.


When Sebastian Morgenstern won the Battle of the Burren and the subsequent war in 2007, Sebastian gradually took over the world. He Turned many Shadowhunters into Endarkened and scared many Downworlders and mundanes into submission, forcing others into hiding.

The residents of Los Angeles that refused to swear allegiance to Sebastian came together and formed a resistance against the Legion of the Star. At some point, Cameron Ashdown became connected to the then small group. On the day they were going to break into the Bradbury Building, where the resistance planned to put down its roots, Cameron intercepted Dru and Livia Blackthorn on their way to the Los Angeles Institute before they could surrender and took them with him. They worked together to break into the building and reinforce it, turning it into their headquarters and home.

Over the years the resistance grew much larger, welcoming more refugees coming from different cities and countries. The rebellion united mundanes, former Shadowhunters, and Downworlders whose common purpose was to fight together for freedom. Livvy was among those in charge and was credited as the reason that the group still stood; Cam worked as a double agent, pretending to be loyal to the Legion so he could feed information to the rebels. Aside from him, Livvy mentioned having some more people on the inside, as well.

In 2014, when they heard rumors that Sebastian was close to figuring out a way to break into the Silent City, two Shadowhunters from another dimension arrived in Thule: Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn, who joined forces with the rebels. After their suggestion that they find the help of the Last Warlock Tessa Gray, the group made plans to retrieve the Mortal Instruments from the Silent City, so Sebastian could not get hold of them, for that would allow him to control the remaining Nephilim. The rebels put together teams and went there but were ambushed by Sebastian and his army of Endarkened that had been lying in wait.

Nevertheless, the group managed to get the Mortal Instruments and, after Julian saved Livvy by killing the Endarkened version of himself, she told Tessa to seal the City once again, sacrificing Cameron who was still inside, so Sebastian could not get in.

Chaos and battle ensued after, and Emma killed Sebastian with the Mortal Sword, destroying all his Endarkened army, and giving the resistance a bigger chance of reclaiming the world. Before leaving Thule, Emma and Julian handed the Mortal Cup to the rebels in hopes of them bringing back Nephilim in their world.[1]

Known members


  • Besides the Bradbury rebels, there are other known Shadowhunter strongholds and resistances against the Legion in Mexico City, Jerusalem, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Bangkok.


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