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It may look like a person and talk like a person and maybe even bleed like a person, but it's a monster.

Jace about the demon, City of Bones

The blue-haired boy was an Eidolon demon that Clary Fray encountered and interacted with at the Pandemonium Club in August 2007.


The demon, with a bit of glamour, got into the club in the guise of a teenager with blue-dyed hair, wearing a vampire hunter costume, his blade glamoured as a foam beam. Clary noticed him and thought he was cute and "insouciant."

Once inside, he began looking around the club for his next target, already relishing his victory. When he spotted Isabelle Lightwood, he was immediately drawn to her and proceeded to follow her into the club's storage room. It was only when it was too late when he realized that Izzy was a Shadowhunter and that she wore her long-sleeved dress to cover up her runes. In the storage room, he was soon ambushed by Izzy's brothers Jace and Alec.

Desperate, he tried to bargain for his life with information about Valentine Morgenstern, which the group just waved off. Though they were all followed and momentarily stopped by Clary, allowing him to attack Jace, he was soon killed.


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