The Shadowhunter blight is the result of dark magic used by the Unseelie King to render Shadowhunter magic useless.


The "blight" cancels out all Shadowhunter magic, preventing the Shadowhunters from using their items—such as seraph blades and witchlight—and runes.[1]

It also results in areas of blighted land, described by Mark Blackthorn as burned places, white as ash. These areas contain sickly gray vegetation and ground that feels "cold"; the very air within them is described as being full of despair. As explained by Magnus Bane, these blighted areas are scars left by the dark magic used for the spell.


The Shadowhunter blight was cast on the Unseelie Land at an unknown time after the Cold Peace was established, using magic that Malcolm Fade provided for the Unseelie King.

The blight was first witnessed by Shadowhunters in September 2012, when a group from the Los Angeles Institute entered the King's land on a rescue mission. An area of blight, revealed to have been growing for some time, was later discovered in Brocelind Forest, prompting an investigation.[1]



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