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Blackthorn manor is the Blackthorn family's country house in Idris.


The manor is located in the green hills of Idris near Brocelind Forest. A high wall separates the grounds from its closest neighbor, Herondale manor. The gates are made of black iron and have an arch with the Blackthorn family motto inscribed into it.

The original home was once a beautiful manor beloved by Annabel Blackthorn. Its golden stone and gorgeous gardens were the subject of many of her artworks.[1] It later fell into despair under Tatiana Blackthorn's ownership in the late 1800s. The grass was overgrown and the gates were covered in briars that held it shut. Around the back was a greenhouse with a Portal leading to Blackthorn Hall. Inside, cobwebs and dust covered every surface. There were rodents and insects about and the dining table had moldy food left on it. A banister with thorns carved into it led to the second floor where a clockwork automaton stood in the hall. The study was filled with boxes, crates, books, and a portrait of Jesse Blackthorn. The home was also full of necromantic and other dark magic items.[2]

After it burned down, the manor was rebuilt closer to Herondale manor. As of 2009, the manor had a staff[3] to make sure it was well-kept—even its garden was cared for.[4]


The manor is known to have been in the Blackthorns' possession as early as the 1800s. Annabel fondly recalls her time growing up there; she would often play in the forest with the family's warlock ward, Malcolm Fade.[1]

The home later landed in the hands of Tatiana Blackthorn after her husband Rupert Blackthorn's death. Here she raised her son, Jesse, and adoptive daughter, Grace. Though they occasionally lived in their house in Chiswick, they spent the majority of their time shut up in the manor; rarely leaving to socialize or go into the city. Though Tatiana did her best to keep other Shadowhunters out, she eventually allowed the Silent Brothers in to perform her son's rune ceremony. When he died afterward, she refused to give them Jesse's body and instead had a warlock come to preserve it and cut his soul so that he could come back as a ghost till she could resurrect him.

Despite being lived in, the home fell into despair. According to Grace, Tatiana didn't trust anyone to clean it and it was too much for the two of them. On the night of his grandparents' deaths, Tatiana enlisted James Herondale to trim her briars. It is by doing so that he met Grace. James continued to cut the briars when his family returned to Herondale manor the following summer. That year, Grace asked James to use his shadow ability to steal her bracelet back from her mother's locked box in her study. James was horrified by the state of the dwelling but retrieved the item nonetheless. In later years, James continued to do the yard work for Tatiana, despite not being asked to as a reason to talk to Grace.

In 1903, Tatiana and her family moved out of the home and into their house in Chiswick. While in London, Grace requested that James travel back to the manor to destroy the automaton as it had been imbued with dark magic with the objective to destroy Shadowhunters. After hacking the statue apart, it burst into flames which rapidly consumed the whole house. James was barely able to escape before it came crashing down.[2]

Over a century later, in 2009, Julian Blackthorn and Emma Carstairs stayed in the now rebuilt manor the night of their Parabatai ceremony.[4]


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  • During her time in the manor, Tatiana had all the clocks stopped at 8:40—the time her husband's body had been taken away by the Clave.[2]
  • Julian ironically thought of threatening to burn down the manor in 2012 as a way to get Annabel Blackthorn to come to them. He later tried to use it as a bargaining chip to gain her assistance.[1]