Beth Israel Hospital is a hospital in New York City.


In 2007, the former Shadowhunter Jocelyn Fray was brought to the hospital to recuperate after she drank a potion that put her in a coma-like state, primarily because the Silent Brothers would not attend to her because she was no longer Nephilim. Luke Garroway and her daughter, Clary, visited her regularly and practically stayed at the hospital, watching over her and waiting for her to wake.[1]

They soon discovered that the cure can be found in the Book of the White, which was in the possession of warlock Ragnor Fell in Idris. Thus, Clary decided to search for Ragnor, but not before visiting Jocelyn at the hospital one last time. The Book, with the recipe and instructions, was later sent back to the hospital with Magnus Bane, who proceeded to administer the potion that eventually woke her.[2]

During this time, another warlock named Catarina Loss, a nurse at the hospital, aided both Jocelyn and Magnus. Shortly after the Mortal War, corpses of babies—sacrifices to demons—were brought to the hospital. Catarina investigated for the Clave, and she later invited Jocelyn and Clary to see them for themselves.[3]


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