The Beauty Bar is an establishment in Downtown, New York that is both a bar and a parlor.


Outside, the Beauty Bar had a shining white sign that had "Beauty" written in spiky red letters and what seemed like a picture of a golden Medusa's head underneath. On the interior, the dance floor was chessboard-like with its black-and-white tiles, and its wall was painted hot pink and decorated with mirrors, gold glitter, and fretwork. Aside from the stools, it also had old-fashioned hairdresser chairs with massive hairdryers set up on the chair backs.

The back lounge was decorated with black-and-white pictures of women from the 1950s. It also had a disco ball, which no longer functioned and is merely put on for display, though the real and only source of light was a reading lamp on an empty stage in the room made of boxes. There were couches in the center and more chairs at the back.

Magnus Bane had described it as "a kitschy little place". As is typical, the bar was usually crowded on Friday nights.


In August 2007, the bar became a site for a young werewolf's attempt at an ordinary life during a full moon. The werewolf, named Marcy, was at the Beauty Bar with her girlfriend, Adrienne, when she lost control and transformed into a wolf. The mundane customers, due to the glamour that blinded them, believed it to simply be an out-of-control, yet monstrous and bloodthirsty, dog.

When a vampire in the area caught wind of the problem, he/she contacted Catarina Loss, who then called the High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane. Along with his date, the Shadowhunter Alec Lightwood, Magnus soon arrived and, together, the pair was able to help Marcy turn back to her human form. People quickly recovered and returned to the bar, thinking Magnus and Alec were dogcatchers who merely fixed their problem.


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