Hans Axel von Fersen is a Swedish Count and a close friend of Queen Marie Antoinette.

Known history

Axel von Fersen sought out Magnus Bane in 1791, hoping that the powerful warlock will help the Queen Marie Antoinette alter her appearance and leave Paris with her family. Magnus, acknowledging the madness of his plan, agreed due to Axel's profound passion for the Queen, as well as from his good looks.

Together, they helped the Royal Family. Axel, grateful for Magnus' help, kissed him before leaving to assist the king and the queen.

Afterwards, Magnus escaped to the Alps, where he would hear the news of the eventual capture of the Royal Family in the Varennes. Magnus wrote a letter to Axel, only to hear back from his sister, Sophie, from Sweden, instead. Axel had asked Sophie to tell him that he was well, while Sophie told him about how Axel was pleading for their case in Vienna, and his plans to return to Paris for the family. She then asked Magnus to try to dissuade Axel from risking his life, a request Magnus subsequently ignored.

Physical description

Axel is tall and attractive, with dark black hair and blue eyes.


Marie Antoinette

Axel is implied to have a very close and intimate relationship with the former Queen of France, going as far as to risk his own life in order to help her leave Paris. The Queen herself is shown to trust him a lot, since she allowed Magnus to help her when she was told of Axel's involvement in the plan. Moreover, Axel possessed a key to the royal bedchamber.

Magnus Bane

Axel's relationship with Magnus is more platonic, though the pair shared a kiss. It was clear, even to Magnus, that Axel was more interested in the welfare of the queen rather than Magnus. In Magnus' case, despite being attracted to Axel, in the end, he realized that nothing would come out of it, that trying to involve himself with mundanes will only complicate his own life, and that Axel's life would also be fleeting like all other mundanes, and thus chose not to try and save him from his doomed fate.



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