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SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

Anush Joshi is Divya’s cousin and one of the Shadowhunters who attended the Scholomance when it reopened at the end of the Dark War, to become a Centurion. He is an ex-member of the Cohort.


While in the Scholomance, Anush was recruited by his friend and fellow Centurion Zara Dearborn and her father, Horace Dearborn, to join the Cohort.

In 2012, he was among the group of members of the Cohort that upon finding Kieran, a faerie prince, hiding in Diego Rosales's room in the Scholomance, tortured him and dragged him to the Hollow Place, with the intention of throwing Kieran into the enchanted pool, possibly killing him.

When Diego, Divya and Rayan Maduabuchi intervened to save the Unseelie Prince, Divya scolded him and showed her disappointment and shame in his actions, stating that he of all people should know what it's like to be treated unfairly. Nevertheless, when asked to by Martin Gladstone, Anush personally cuffed her hands before she was sent to the Gard for her role in Kieran's escape.

Shortly after, Anush was part of the group that, under Zara’s command, followed Diana Wrayburn and Jia Penhallow to Brocelind Forest where they caught them talking with Gwyn ap Nudd, the leader of the Wild Hunt. When the members of the Cohort revealed they were there to take the women prisoner for consorting with faeries and Gwyn attacked the group in their defense, Anush fled.

For running away and deserting the group, he was considered a coward and, as a form of punishment, Anush was entrusted with the task of bringing food to Diego and his brother, Jaime Rosales, in the cells of the Gard.

Over time Anush began to disagree with the path the Cohort was following and decided to abandon the group and join the resistance against it. Before leaving Idris and the guards to go find it, he left a letter to Diego saying Diego was the only one who was kind to him in the Scholomance and a stele for him to heal his brother.

Later, he participated in the battle that unfolded in the events of the Cohort’s staged parley in the Imperishable Fields and fought against the Cohort and the Unseelie faeries, alongside the Shadowhunters and Downworlders.

When Julian Blackthorn and Emma Carstairs turned into true Nephilim, Anush was among the Shadowhunters making a barricade to keep the Blackthorn family and their friends from approaching them because it wasn’t safe. They won the battle and his cousin Divya was very happy and proud that he fought on their side.

When Alec Lightwood was named Consul, the Cohort forced non-believers out of Idris and Anush Portaled out with the others. Weeks after their exile, Anush attended Magnus and Alec’s wedding in Los Angeles with his friends.[1]

In 2013 Anush was still attending Scholomance alongside Ty Blackthorn and formed a sort of friendship with Ty by helping him at his time of need. Anush went to Ty's room to bring books or clothes he might need while staying at the hospital wing. He also agreed to take care of Irene, Ty's Carpathian Lynx, though she left bloody scratches on his arms and ran away from him.[2]

Physical description

Anush is described as having black hair and a jagged haircut.